Thursday, July 9, 2020
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BANG! A Gun Rights Petition, Petition By A Liberal Against Other Liberals, And Others.

One federal E-Petition led me to another. I recently signed one, the one in support of gun rights and against Trudeau's latest idiotic gun...

Quebec Deaths Per Million Worse Than Most Countries Including USA —by 42%

How are Canada and its provinces doing regarding the Wuhan Chinese Communist Coronavirus? Here's some numbers I drew-up this morning, May 11 2020. These...

“Trump should die of Covid,” Etc. Proud of This, Ugly Canadians?

Passionate, compassionate, caring, loving, kind, polite Canadians. Balanced. Moderate. Calm. Loving. Not the least xenophobic. Tolerant. Inclusive. That's Canada, "eh?" No. That's utter bull. Get...

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BREAKING: Killer did not adhere to gun laws, murder laws, or any laws.

The state-owned CBC boosted the left's gun control fetish this morning, with a fresh article misleading — or at best confusing — some Canadians...

Private car insurers in Canada are offering rebates up to 70%. State-owned ICBC? Squat.

Obviously car accidents are tanking, not unlike the rest of the economy in Canada right now. So it comes as no surprise when you...

(“I believe!”) she’s a CBC Reporter, who gets ratioed on Twitter, and it’s wonderful.

For those who aren't as hip and cool as me, "ratioed" means you tweet something you think is a super hot take (also largely...

We’re number three! Canada does not love China.

Canada's attitudes about China — and this is before the outbreak of the virus from China — were already nearly the most negative on...

CTV spins a web of faux freak-out on Trump. Again. This is not good news.

CTV News is working hard spinning facts in the latest FAUX OUTRAGE OF TRUMP theater of the absurd. President Trump answered a question yesterday regarding...

Media circles wagons around WHO; Also hated on Trump for closing borders to China

They — the media, which is acting in amazing union as a solid block or cabal — is circling the wagons around WHO, precisely...

I’m aching for facts and truth and objectivity from reporters. Not Akin.

Here's a tidbit I thought I'd mention: There are so many anti-Trump tweets on Twitter that you have to be super selective in who...
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From the not-too-distant past

An All-Canadian FAIL

Here's one of those CBC interviews with experts that I feel sure they wish they never aired. This is word-for-word: April 3 2020 CBC anchor Andrew...

Total BS “counting” of virus cases

They count the cases that they've tested as positive. Well great, but they hardly test anybody. They don't even test the cases they know...

To Politic or not to Politic. That’s one of 5,000 questions.

I've refrained from using this space to blather on about the coronavirus because I recognized from the start that politics will just get in...

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The NDP and federal Liberals — the left more generally — started this. They should fix it.

I'm just going to keep saying it. The NDP and Liberals — the left more...

Blockade of left-wing protesters at BC Legislature blocks… left-wingers.

In addition to the real story itself which is a left-wing protest once again standing...

Pipeline protesters include socialists, Communists Party of Canada — and NDP MP Jenny Kwan

Who are these people protesting and those who are supporting the protesters blockading the construction...

Is massive hypocrisy “sustainable”?

Most people out west know of Vancouver's ex-mayor, Gregor Robertson. He's the ex-NDP MLA who...

So useful idiot Jean Charest is out as a CPC leadership contender. Good.

I was never a fan, largely because Jean Charest always appeared to delight in identifying...

#Justinjournos hard at work post SNC-Lavalin guilty plea

It's all over folks. It. Is. Over. Forget about it. Like it never happened. Do...

A progressive or liberal Conservative leader? No thanks.

Lots of media are talking about Conservative leadership these days, and it's all because they...

“Experts:” Liberals won, so Conservatives need to give up and bend over.

Ronald Reagan would be turning over in his grave if he watched CTV today. According to...

Is this news, or is it propaganda? You tell me.

We see this every day in the news, or, ahem, "news," but it is getting...

Left-wing-governed Vancouver to see 9% rise in city taxes. Councillor: it’s only “reasonable.”

Maybe cancel the "climate emergency" and declare an all-out, out-of-control, overspending and inept council emergency...

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