Sunday, May 9, 2021
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Updated — Bill C-10: a Chinese-style dish of big (Canadian) government censorship chop suey

Updated May 4 2021, 7:46 am with additional information at bottom. It's simply surreal. The degree to which Canadians now regularly give in, bend over, completely...

Budget fallout didn’t have far to fall.

The fallout from the Trudeau/Freeland/Liberal/Vote-Buying Marketers Council of Canada —continues apace, manifestly because the Budget's tag-line "A Recovery Plan for Jobs, Growth, and Resilience"...

Trudeau: “There’s an awful lot of work to do.” In America. On “Systemic Racism.”

I've been reading Michael Tracey's Substack since he started it, and today's is another goodie. I highly suggest you subscribe to it — and...

Less recent stuff

BC Budget Grows Government. Which Seems To Be The Point.

I already splotched yesterday on the deeply red federal budget (red in every sense including Liberal red, and red politics), and just as another...

Here we go. “Ottawa to take equity stake in Air Canada”

My last post (before I started painting my house — a work in progress) included the line "We're on our way." It was a...

Canada making world news as a laggard again.

I've read article after article ripping on Canada, but when one of the biggest newspapers in the world is hitting this hard with this...

NDP Proposals — Part Socialist. Well, OK, ALL Socialist.

Editor's note: Here's the last — I promise — of my follow-ups to the day's posting about the NDP policy convention this week. This...

Most important to Canadians: not “racism”

This is a sort of add-on to an article I just posted, because even though my writing there ended (mercifully, you say?), my mind...

Liberal Gov now spending DOUBLE what was spent during World War Two

The study, Prime Ministers and Government Spending: 2021 Edition, released yesterday, shows the spending is not all Wuhan Virus-related (or "COVID" as they call...

O’Toole wants Conservatives to “change” into something else.

"We can't make the same arguments and expect to win." "Must have the courage to grow, be bold and to change." "We have to change." So said...
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Canada's federal government debt is now over a TRILLION dollars —and still growing.
There's provincial govt debt on top of that. You want "sustainable"? This ain't it.

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From the not-too-distant past

Far-Left “Think Tank” Moves to Cancel British Columbia. (“RACIST!!” — duh)

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA), where the "policy alternatives" they meekly speak of in their name is actually full-on socialism, but they're...

ALERT: Government Department #9,744 is out of order. 22,000 dead. Please respond B4 next vape break.

The Globe and Mail's reporting on the Trudeau Liberal government's attempted cover-ups of its China variant COVID pandemic failures shows just how Canada's deep...

America is so stupid! —Smug Canadians at Globe and Mail Can’t Help Themselves

The Globe and Mail columnist Cathal Kelly is advertising Jon Stewart's return to TV (well, Apple TV) today, instead of his more usual sports...

Oldies but goodies

White Now.

There are lots of good takes these days on the nonsense of the woke left...

6-Point Retort-o-Rama for Friday Feb 19, 2021

1 NATIONAL POST: "Dropping 500 new movies?" So... churning out crap like poop out of a cow's...

“I will destroy you!” “B—, I will f— you up!” —Democrats who get criticized or are asked questions.

Progressives seem to want to destroy stuff. In New York state, where progressives are progressively destroying...

Recht! Majority of German immigrants now vote politically Right. Canada, USA next?

Funny how the tide turns. This headline has got to make liberals and leftists squirm. Immigrants...


My wife and I were talking about how conservatives never learn. The specific individual in...

Chinese Communists and state police review Canada’s immigration data. Canada seems cool with it.

Pretty alarming report suggesting to me that China's communist apparatchiks and state police are infiltrating...

Progressively Less Free — Political Algorithms 2021 – Part 1

The political calculous or algorithm I've relied on over the years needs adjusting to eliminate...

News media leave out details for some weird reason having nothing to do with protecting Trudeau Liberals

The headline looks bad enough: But then they neglect to report the actual story: The very...

Hypocrisy flies over his head: John Kerry’s private jet runs on gas but it’s very special gas.

4.6 metric tons of CO² is what an average driver will emit from his car...

Chinese state-owned, uh, “company” attempting to “nationalize” a Canadian firm in China?

I mean are these people even paying attention? A Canadian-based mining firm is in a battle...

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