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Unlike the Liberal Trudeau’s sunny progressives, foreigners have dim view of investment in Canada

"Canada's back!" ...if by that you mean it's at the back of the pack. Yesterday the Globe and Mail took the brave step of...

The gall of “loving America” vs the gall of lying to the people

I've railed on the Canadian liberals' news media division and their cult-like obsession with dumping on Donald Trump so often, I could start a...

Ignoring Leslyn Lewis: A special kind of racism and partisan perfidy

The state-owned CBC division of the Liberal Party has reported on U.S. Democratic Party VP candidate Kamala Harris so much in the past few...

Less recent stuff

Control your narrative; or the partisans of the liberals’ “news” media will

The political, social, cultural, public policy narrative has been controlled not by you or your community or our leaders or governments, but by all...

They want to cancel you. Cancel them first.

I won't buy Nike shoes, because let's face it, there are about 38 other brands I can buy, most of which are as good...

Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show tops viewer ratings in America. Meanwhile, Canada’s CBC fails

In the U.S., Tucker Carlson's very good Fox News Channel show is now the highest-rated show in cable news with over 4.3 million viewers...

Alberta labor union boss compares Alberta premier to Hitler. Remains in job.

A labor union boss in Alberta has apparently been hiding under a massive union-made rock, and somehow missed all the lessons taught in fourth...

If free speech were the only problem, Sloan said enough.

Among other good and bold things with which I agree, Conservative Party leadership candidate Derek Sloan has said it is his mission to enforce...

WE need the Liberals to do a bowel cleansing

What with all the muck in the bowels of the Liberal Party these days, what a terrible week to recall Justin Trudeau's talk of...

Why do we fund institutions that hate us and everything we stand for?

This could be about the World Health Organization or the United Nations. But no, that's another article. This one is about another institution we...
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From the not-too-distant past

They’re learning worse than nothing in colleges and universities

If students were learning utterly nothing in college or university today, it would be better than what they are learning. Better for them, better...

UPDATED — Those “Private” “Profiting” Long-Term Seniors’ Care Homes Aren’t Necessarily Private

UPDATED below — May 29 2020 Lefties — NDP leader Jagmeet Singh leading the pack — are all on about the evils of all those...

A Government Failure at Every Level

The deaths at old-age care homes reveal yet another massive failure of all government to provide oversight and regulate, and to protect us, as...

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BANG! A Gun Rights Petition, Petition By A Liberal Against Other Liberals, And Others.

One federal E-Petition led me to another. I recently signed one, the one in support...

Quebec Deaths Per Million Worse Than Most Countries Including USA —by 42%

How are Canada and its provinces doing regarding the Wuhan Chinese Communist Coronavirus? Here's some...

“Trump should die of Covid,” Etc. Proud of This, Ugly Canadians?

Passionate, compassionate, caring, loving, kind, polite Canadians. Balanced. Moderate. Calm. Loving. Not the least xenophobic....

BREAKING: Killer did not adhere to gun laws, murder laws, or any laws.

The state-owned CBC boosted the left's gun control fetish this morning, with a fresh article...

Private car insurers in Canada are offering rebates up to 70%. State-owned ICBC? Squat.

Obviously car accidents are tanking, not unlike the rest of the economy in Canada right...

(“I believe!”) she’s a CBC Reporter, who gets ratioed on Twitter, and it’s wonderful.

For those who aren't as hip and cool as me, "ratioed" means you tweet something...

We’re number three! Canada does not love China.

Canada's attitudes about China — and this is before the outbreak of the virus from...

CTV spins a web of faux freak-out on Trump. Again. This is not good news.

CTV News is working hard spinning facts in the latest FAUX OUTRAGE OF TRUMP theater...

Media circles wagons around WHO; Also hated on Trump for closing borders to China

They — the media, which is acting in amazing union as a solid block or...

I’m aching for facts and truth and objectivity from reporters. Not Akin.

Here's a tidbit I thought I'd mention: There are so many anti-Trump tweets on Twitter...

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