Such a Gem. State-owned CBC teaches us about (all kinds of) sex. Thank God.

Because where else would we learn about all the different kinds of sex and the sex and gender opportunities available to us as modern Canadians? Besides elementary school, I mean.

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The Article

Tired of Rosemary Barton? Can’t find any porn on the internet? Need still more “storytelling” about sex and gayness and gender and all yer options about being “queer” and (and I quote) “LGBTQIP2SAA+”? The state-owned CBC comes to the rescue. Here’s some of what greets you and your kids when you visit the Justin Trudeau’s very own state-owned CBC Gem website:

In the descriptions, they get into more of the sexiness around the “queer” sex and what it “truly means” in the sexy description:

Because the government — the state — needs to explain sex and what “queer” “truly means” — and how people get off, sexually, and why they get off the way they do, to the nation.

Another one is even more awful. It’s called Twenties.

I couldn’t even stand it using my patented keep-hitting-the-right-arrow-fast preview technique. Here are a couple of the most important scenes:

Thanks for this shit, government. At least there’s no carbon tax on it.

Obviously, it wasn’t long before the two “queer” ladies started kissing and having sex on the bed.

Don’t ever accuse the progressives of forgetting about small-town Canada’s gayfolk. They’re not just concerned about the sexual orientation and gender spirits of the big urban centers! They got you covered, small town!

Another show is about — I don’t know what it is about — but features this photo which is not gay for some reason:

I did one of those fast keep-hitting-the-right-arrow-fast previews of episode 4, which you or your kids could watch right now for free, and it wasn’t long before I got to the in-bed-and-screwing scene, which went on for a long, long time, amidst all the moaning and panting and pumping. Your kids will luvvvvv this part, which, you know, thank God the government is providing for us and our kids!

And as if I had to tell you, the preamble to the film includes a land acknowledgment:

And there’s this idiocy called Hiccups and Hookups, wherein Pradeep Bhaiyya and/or Akhill and/or Rinzing get it going like this:

Remarkably, they don’t actually “take it to the next level.” Perhaps because they’re not gay, or something, so it’d be like big whoop. She re-dresses herself and leaves.

Everybody should leave this travesty.

I’ve got a whole category at PTBC called CBC Lewdity.
Here’s one link.

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