SPECIAL: A Letter From Rory Leishman: a critic apologizes to him

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The Article

Editor’s note:  This is the latest in an ongoing saga involving Rory Leishman, whose column has been featured here at PTBC since 2006, and the decision of the London Free Press to censor the last column he submitted to them, before what became his departure from that newspaper over the issue.  Read that last column (which we did, of course publish), which includes his own criticism of the LFP decision and their response to him, here.

Dear All:

I am pleased to relate that upon reflection, Leila Paul has withdrawn her support for the decision of Joe Ruscitti, Editor in Chief of the London Free Press, to censor my last column on homegrown Islamist terrorism. Even better, she has apologized to me in private and in public for having broadcast the false and defamatory allegation on the website of the Free Press that I hate Muslims.

I am most grateful for Leila’s apology. While we all make mistakes, all too few of us have the integrity which she has displayed in frankly acknowledging an error and making amends in public.

Meanwhile, the Free Press has retained Leila’s original, defamatory comment on its website and refuses to publish her retraction and apology. That is disappointing.

Here, then, are Leila’s remarks as posted on her own website:

Rory Leishman

Rory Leishman
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