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The hypocrisy of our nation’s federal Liberals obviously knows no bounds except that of sinking lower and lower to tarnish the reputation of their Conservative opponents.

This was again demonstrated last week when Liberal MPs jumped up in feigned outrage and drowned out Prime Minister Stephen Harper as he tried to explain why the 2001 Terrorist Act should be extended.

What got Liberal Leader Stephane Dion and his cohorts up in arms was Harper pointing out the father-in-law of Liberal MP Navdeep Bains was once a spokesman for Babbar Khalsa, a group officially recognized by the federal government as a terrorist organization. This same father-in-law is a potential witness in investigation into the horrifying Air India slaughter. Should Dion manage to kill provisions of the terrorist act, that investigation will be severely hampered.

Here we don’t know what Harper’s further line of thoughts may have been because he was howled out by the Liberals for his supposedly shameless innuendoes—whatever those innuendoes may have been. If there really were any innuendoes at all.

The Liberals under leaders Jean Chretien and Paul Martin tried to sully the reputations of Reform party leader Preston Manning and Canadian Alliance leader Stockwell Day suggesting they were extremists and allowed racists and bigots into their parties.

But let’s look at the Liberal record over the years when it comes to racism and bigotry and just off-the-wall charges.

Last week Adolf Hitler devotee and Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel was jailed in Germany on 14 counts of inciting hatred and for years of anti-Semitic activity.

In 1968, the Liberals actually allowed Zundel to run for their party leadership—the leadership Pierre Trudeau won. Zundel’s hated philosophy was already well-known at the time, but the Liberals preached ‘open democracy’.

We are no longer supposed to mention Zundel’s onetime affiliation with the Liberal party. It would be bad manners to do so.

Yet can you imagine the furor if Zundel had run for the Progressive Conservative leadership? The Liberals would be hurling that in the faces of today’s Conservative party. Likely, they would have also brought it up during the days of the Reform party and the Canadian Alliance.

Recall one-time Multiculturism Minister Hedy Fry charging there were Ku Klux Klan crosses burning that very minute on lawns in Prince George, B.C. No crosses, and no censuring for Fry’s outrageous accusations, either.

As finance minister, Paul Martin himself attended a fundraiser for the Tamil Tigers, then a known Sri Lanka terrorist group and now on the banned list of groups. Previously, while seeking the Liberal leadership in 1990, he had sought the support of the International Sikh Youth Federation, already identified by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) as a terrorist group. Martin made an impassioned speech before that group, talking about “shared values.”

Imagine if Conservative leaders had spoken before these groups and sought their support.

Let’s hope voters are not fooled by the hatchet jobs the Grits try to pull on Harper and his team.

Paul Jackson
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