— By Joel Johannesen


This site started way before most other conservative blogs or Facebook pages. It was originally just a discussion section on a more global discussion forum web site of a different name.

We originally established the site under this name in the early 2000s  because we were proud to be Canadian, and yet we’re about being politically conservative. Both things. At the same time.

We’d found that Canada’s liberals, socialists  —  the political progressive-left, generally  —  seemed to find these things to be totally incongruous. Blasphemous even. Or at least they pretended to. Still do. It often goes like this: “Like you can’t be all like ‘proud to be canadian’ if you’re conservative!” And then, in my experience, they often call me an “idiot” or a “homophobe” or a “racist,” and then they tootle off in a huff. Debate over, Science settled. “There’s a consensus,” we are to suppose. Liberals or progressives (or whatever they want to call themselves this week) often think everyone in the room agrees with them.

They’re angry at us describing ourselves as “proud to be Canadian”, while at the same time being conservatives. Some demand that we change the name of our site. Angrily. And then move. Usually to Texas. It’s really quite astonishing.

And of course it proves the effectiveness of this site. And of course this apoplexy over our name and our existence exposes them in many interesting and unflattering ways. Mostly they expose themselves, not surprisingly, by writing us scathing emails full of anger and hate, demanding that we leave Canada, thereby helping to expose that famous liberal-left “tolerance” and “inclusiveness” they’re always on about.

We like to remind people that no liberal or leftist even thought of registering “Proud To Be Canadian” as a web site name — it took a conservative to do it. We think that speaks volumes.

Nonetheless, we maintain that the name of the site represents a question, not a statement, necessarily. On a personal level, I’m hardly proud of everything this country does, or which it stands for. I’m ashamed of lots that Canadian liberals and progressives in Canada  —  sometimes with the help of left-wing Americans and sometimes Euro-liberal groups  —  have managed to engineer. I’m ashamed on several fronts, as I have and continue to make clear in many personal blog entries. I’m not proud that the highest honor and award in the land was given to abortion mill operator Henry Morgentaler. I’m ashamed.

ProudToBeCanadian.ca is an unabashedly politically conservative Canadian Web site. That in itself is rather unusual. It’s a straight-up, no holds barred, full-on socially and economically conservative Web site. That makes it really unique. And no, that doesn’t mean we’re a bunch of what liberals love to call “radicals” or “extremists”, or any one of the plethora of vulgar, rude names they repeatedly, blithely, and ever-so-intelligently throw our way. We’re simply not any of those things, as truly intelligent people know.

As conservatives, we’re plain, good, honest, thinking and feeling people who are conservatives in the traditional sense of the word. We love Canada as a general matter. We are patriots. We love life. We love our faith. We love our freedom. We love traditional families. We love free markets and capitalism. Free global trade. Small governments. Law and order. Gun rights. Peace. People of all races, nationalities and religions; of either sex, and either sexual orientation. That doesn’t mean we love everything that everybody does, nor how they act out.

ProudToBeCanadian is not state-owned, or state-funded, or subsidized by the government, and it wasn’t created with the help of any government grants or loans. Yes, unfortunately, that too makes us rather unique in Canada today.

We like to help Canadians understand the difference between liberals and conservatives. We believe that as a result of years — perhaps decades of liberal-left government, media, and academia, Canadians are bereft of a clear understanding of the political philosophy — the mindset — or lack thereof — of liberals, and rarely get the chance to hear conservative ideas and viewpoints, especially that which is unimpeded by incessant liberal-left obfuscation and refutation.

Indeed, media which happily presents both liberal and conservative viewpoints, such as Fox News Channel, was banned from Canada until only recently (November 2004), and unbanned only after enormous pressure from the likes of us at this web site, and only after Al-Jazeera was approved first. And it’s why we are happy to present American as well as Canadian conservative editorial viewpoints here, as conservatism transcends our Canadian/American border and conservatism in both countries is similarly welcome and important to us. And it’s primarily what we advocate at ProudToBeCanadian.

Unlike the liberal-left mainstream media including even the state-run media in Canada, the dreaded left-wing CBC, we don’t even remotely pretend to be “balanced” in our presentation, or to offer a “balanced” viewpoint — we are here to help advance conservatism, and a conservative groundswell in Canada.

What keeps this place ticking?
Running a Web site like this is an enormously costly proposition in terms of time, mostly, but also in terms of money. We almost totally rely on me, Joel Johannesen, to pay for this site, because alas, Canadians don’t typically feel the need to help finance wars of any kind, ever, no matter how beneficial to them. We also hope for and get a few contributions from our visitors and extremely small revenues are derived from book sales through Amazon.ca and from other sundry, occasional items like ads and trinket sales. Unfortunately, support, when we get it, is another one of those things about us that are really, well, unique, which is to say it doesn’t happen much! Please support this enormous effort and help advance the cause of conservatism in Canada. Everybody thinks somebody else is going to (it’s a liberal-induced Canadian cultural norm, now!), but no, nobody else does. Unless you do.

No political parties support this site financially, and I can’t think of any other way any party has supported us either, for that matter.

The creator and editor of the site is me, Joel Johannesen, and I also write the blog entries and an occasional full-length column.