About our columnist situation

By Joel Johannesen,
PTBC World Headquarters, Ladner BC

I’m writing this because people asked what happened to all of PTBC’s many professional columnists.

Along with the brilliant writing of yours truly, PTBC used to feature many American and Canadian columnists whose articles were posted here on a permanent, John Stosselweekly (or more often) basis, with their express, personal permission, of course, and sometimes even bolstered by a contract involving actual money. Not taxpayer money, mind you  —  my own after tax, leftover, saved, capitalist-style money. This is not the CBC or any other failed socialist project.

For example I bought John Stossel’s column, and Dennis Prager’s. I also posted Ann Coulter’s column here, on contract (i.e. I paid her!), for over ten years. I like to take every opportunity like this to add that PTBC was the only Canadian media ever Ann Coulterto do so. Yeah, I wear that as a badge of honor, liberals, just as you would if you managed to secure Paul Krugman for your dopey left-wing site. Or for you NDP pawns, Fidel Castro. I acknowledge those are extreme examples, whereas Coulter is a mainstream conservative, makes sense, and loves freedom and America. But I don’t care.

When I started the America-centric BoldColors.net, I shifted Coulter’s column and most other American columnists to that venue. But ultimately, to save time, and mostly money, I stopped posting all those columnists’ columns, at both sites, in early 2013.

Time is money, and it was taking a lot of my valuable time to post columns and defend myself from left-wing morons. Money is also money, and it takes a lot of my money to do this stuff. The site’s ad revenue, Ashley HerzogAmazon books sales, and even the sales of purposely vastly over-priced PTBC Lapel Pins (come on  —  just $20!) is money, but as I am the Chairman of the Bored, I require vast sums of capitalist cash to truly inspire me to lift my ass of the couch.

Not really. But it is especially discouraging when left-wing zealots and left-wing groups like the state owned, taxpayer-funded CBC, constantly threaten to sue me to kingdom come (yes, the CBC really did do that, with legal papers delivered to my home).

Quite frankly, the sites’ viewership  numbers were not affected much by the dearth of the outside columnists. The site(s) always did and still do make more than the CBC does, meaning they don’t lose more than the $1.5 BILLION per year the CBC loses. I get no government welfare of any kind to round out the losses,Steve Milloy like the state-owned CBC does in order to compete against me, so it certainly feels like more than a $1.5 BILLION loss to me.

Am I bitter? Damn right. I also bitterly note that the money-losing, government-protected CBC also has tons of opinion writers  —  all left-wing  —  Theo Caldwelldespite the reality of business and life generally. But then logic doesn’t prevail in a socialist system.

I have recently posted an article or two by outside columnists. I might do more. I might not. Depends on the time and revenue flow. Hint.