The most disgusting thing ever thought of by humans. That’s abortion.

Progressive: My body my choice!

Me: What about the body of the baby?

Progressive: Racist!

Progressive: Males should have no say in the question!

Me: What if the baby was male?

Progressive: Squirrel!!

Progressive: Women’s rights!

Me: So now you know what a woman is?

Progressive: Racist!

Progressive: Constitutional right!

Me: Please show me where in the constitution it says or even implies that you have a right to kill a preborn baby.

Progressive: Climate change!

I got more! I could go on all day with this.


True this:

And a powerful reply to a tweet another idiotic tweet from the performative virtue-signaller-in-chief:

…and equally brave vapidity from his other half:

…To which I might reply (if Butts weren’t such an infamous, total jerk-wad):

“… a dark fucking day”?


Well, as it pertains to “fucking,” it’s definitely a dark day for those who go around “fucking” irresponsibly, and without regard to the facts of science, or the facts of life, or even a modicum of morality, and without the 50 cents needed for a condom!


More unborn might now be allowed to see the *light of day*.


So no, it’s not “a dark day,” “fucking” or otherwise. Quite the contrary. It’s a fantastic truly sunny day.

By way of reminder, abortion is the most disgusting, most egregious thing ever thought of by humans.

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