CBCers go all-in on stupid and defensive for their Trudeau

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What’s funny about most of the several angry replies to my rather innocuous and objectively spot-on comment was that my comment wasn’t a dialectical argument about what PM Sox al-Virtue said.

And that was obvious to most people.

But this was a CBCNews  post on X, so one has to expect the worst — just as on the CBC.ca website, you’ll see some of the most unhinged, angry, and well, flat-out Marxist shit you’ll ever see in your life — worse than most websites on Earth. And that’s on comments to articles they allow comments on — they’ve stopped allowing them on many articles because the comments were obviously getting clearly over-the-top extreme. (I’ve got examples from years ago on PTBC which I’ll try to dig up.)

My comment was — obviously to normals — more about the fact that the state-owned CBC division of the Liberal/NDP cabal, in all their journalisming wisdom, chose to make out like it was only a few “Jewish leaders” in Canuckville who felt aggrieved by his hideous and theatrically-presented Trudeausplaining remarks.

What Trudeau said was insulting to Israel. Acting as the father figure lecturing his son, or as the reasonable adult in the room is not a suit Trudeau has the authority to wear (unless it is his son). It was no doubt insulting to the many Jewish people (non-“leaders”) who were likely also aggrieved, and to the many others, like me, who found the remarks to be woefully out of place and embarrassing. “Canadians more generally.”

Both Prime Minister Netanyahu AND the Israeli opposition leader (no pal of Bibi’s) wrote scathing public rebukes on X, which is an extremely rare occurrence in diplomatic circles. And the posts were both reposted and liked eight gazillion times around the world. So yeah: a few minor “Jewish leaders” in Canada were also pissed.

From a journalistic point of view, it’s utterly inaccurate journalisming, and the post purposely set out to minimize the criticism Trudeau was facing for this cringey, narcissistic need of his to Trudeausplain — to Canadian friend Israel — a military might almost unmatched in the world — how to conduct themselves in a war against barbarian Hamas terrorists who vow to annihilate their country.

I wouldn’t trust Trudeau to run a defensive war against an attacker of Canada either. After Canada was bombed and thousands killed and wounded, kidnapped and taken hostage, raped, limbs amputated and our babies thrown into ovens and burned, he would obviously call for a humanitarian ceasefire just before our 50-year-old jets were ready to take off and bomb the terrorists before they completely annihilated us. And then he would get on the state-owned CBC and lecture us — possibly wearing a mask — about ourselves having war rules and playing nice-nice being the most important thing. And then I’m sure the terrorists who bombed us would comply, and move along, embarrassed about how rude and rule-breaky they’d been.

The state-owned CBC and its readership is nothing if not ridiculous. Which, actually, was the point of my follow-up mini-tirade, which I’ll add here just to close this thing out:

And I could go on.

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