Thanks “investment” guru firm Trudeau, Singh, Freeland and Guilbeault, but we got this

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Their boast was about their latest “investment” — this one in yet another battery plant. Not $13 BILLION this time, because it’s only in stupid BC, not Ontario where all the (remaining?) Lib/NDP votes are. $204.5 million. Chump change (yours).

This particular Liberal/NDP government is currently running untold billions in deficit every year with no relief in sight (and not even a plan besides “the budget will balance itself” — J Trudeau’s actual words as a self-perceived financial genius); it’s a government which mostly thanks to them and their stupid spend it like it’s going out of style decisions over eight years, is now $1.3 TRILLION with a T in debt.

Well, they have some opinions about investing which they’d like to share, now that they’ve already done it.

Is there — and I mean this literally — a worse group of people to invest your money?

The fact that they presume to do it at all, without even asking, is, in any case, repugnant to me as a free-market and freedom and democracy guy. But for them to then boast about it as they do —as if we’d all cheer them on? That’s some arrogance.

They clearly think they have to do it because we won’t (and doesn’t that tell you something?)

If we don’t, it’s because we don’t want to.

But they’re not investing for a good return. They’re investing in political ideology — theirs — which they presume is exactly the same as yours, not that they really care either way because, suckas, they got your money.

And they think we’re stupid and might not agree with their ever-so-wise investment council. So they go ahead and act for us. With our money. Again, they think they actually have the solid financial track record to go on, and the know-how to assume the role of investment advisors (and no it is not lost on me that advisors simply advise and let us decide, in the real world).

They’ve got their mitts in so many businesses now, I really think it’s just about every single business in Canada. And I am quite confident that that is precisely their goal.

And they’re in every aspect of our lives besides; controlling it, regulating it, monitoring it, taxing it… but that’s another tangent.

Get the hell out of the free market. In fact get out of the marketplace altogether. The government has no business being in business. It stymies competition, it erodes our freedom, it causes business and entrepreneurial reliance on government, it reduces our productivity, it wrecks the free market, all of which damages our country and sacrifices our future.

Justin Trudeau’s father famously said, “The state has no place in the bedrooms of the nation.” Well, the state has no place in the businesses of the nation; nor in making investment decisions on our behalf with our damn money — as if it’s their money, and as if they know better than us.

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