The oozing brain poo is actually a call for help.

This follows up on my previous article in which at least three people oozed brain poo in reply to my reply on X. I am seeking to help them. They need my help and yours. Oozing brain poo is a terrible thing to let happen.


I really am starting to think some of the replies to my pro-Israel posts (or replies to my replies on, say, CTVNews’s posts) are an effort to reach out and get set right, by which I mean get their minds right; and to become informed as to the more fact-based, reasoned position on matters.

They really want to see the light. To be there — where we are. They know we’re right. But they don’t have the tools — the info, the facts, or the history, obviously. And they’ve been told we’re horrible and wrong and we support “Israeli genocide” and assorted other bullshit. They have been told not to seek alternate views anyway, because I think they fear that if the truth were known to them and it made sense, it would betray them and their cause. Or maybe even betray themselves as antisemitic hacks and kooks. It would wreck the team and its mission. And the fundraising! Doesn’t matter if it’s right. Ignore right. It’s like they’re in a cult.

Progressives (and Marxists) are nothing if not team players. Logic, facts, truth, common sense, and history all go out the window if it means defending the team. Take Canada’s decrepit healthcare system: They know if private enterprise was allowed to enter the current (failed) state-owned, state-run monopoly, it would work. It would solve many or most of its problems, if not make for an actual working system, as it does in most other countries in the free world which almost inevitably offer a combo state/private healthcare system with universal pay.

And the possibility of it working, would, strangely enough, be bad, to their way of thinking. Why? Because it would render their whole existence as a political entity a farce. Their whole ideology and raison d’etre would be shot. Their whole political project is wholly invested in this state-run monstrosity. They’re not against private enterprise because it wouldn’t work, they’re against it because it would work. So they strive to keep private enterprise out no matter what. They lie, they obfuscate, and they move goalposts, all in service of keeping private enterprise out of their sacred socialist system, to save their team. No matter that people will literally die and suffer in pain and sickness and anxiety. Go team! 

But back to Israel et al.

Some know they are wrong and some quietly want and need to be told why, so they can switch teams. They want to convert to the right way of thinking and speaking (or TikToking as they usually do instead). But it’s awkward because they have already reflexively praised the Hamas attacks and dispatched Israel as the bad guy in their knee-jerk Facebook, Ista, TikTok, or X posts, often as told by their overlords in media, government, or at school. So they’re at least somewhat invested in this nonsense, as in the healthcare scam.

It’s so reflexive because they were probably brought up by progressives (or even full-on Marxists), they were schooled by progressives (or full-on Marxists), and very possibly, from what we’ve seen, by antisemites — sometimes rabid, terrorist-supporting antisemites. Their friends are thus all progressive, Marxist, and/or antisemites, and they’re literally surrounded by progressives all day long.

It’s parents, teachers, friends, and work-mates, and even the “news” media, but also the politicians of their choice — some flavor of progressive certainly; almost inevitably NDP (or Marxist) or Liberal or Green — who word-salad their way to the basic anti-Israel bullshit, or anti-Islamophobia distractions; or wrongly deploy BS moral equivalence and pretend that anti-Israel, anti-Jewish, or pro-Hamas goons all have a valid point of view too.

Nobody in their sphere of influence or their social or professional bubble ever tells them anything but the usual progressive-left lies, er, versions about the issue. All they know are the usual bromides: Israel is an illegitimate state, they’re child killers, and they’re hospital bombers. “So says Hamas!” Israel is genocidal, colonialist, and a settler state.

(Important point: all of those things, they also say about Canada. In Israel’s case, this means eradication of the entire state and its people is fully warranted by Hamas terrorists. Canada is on the list for eradication too, therefore, by logical extension. Maybe then they’ll suddenly see the light?).

And Hamas? Why they’re merely a kind and gentle folk, leading a peaceful “resistance” movement against the “tyrants” “Nazis” and “fascists” (holy projection!) of Israel, the poor things. Terrorists?  Pffft. They’re angelic defenders of Palestinians’ human (and gender! And women’s!) rights.

Again, they know what’s wrong. People can feel things like this in their bones. It’s a human trait to get that sense that something’s wrong. And they have to find an out.

But their sometimes childlike, radical, almost always irrational, and factually incorrect pro-Palestinian or even full-on pro-Hamas arguing technique is the only approach available to them. It’s all they know. They’ve never been taught anything like “critical thinking.”

They want and need opposite viewpoint feedback — in bromide form, hopefully, because they’re clearly not inclined to “deep thinking” so that’s what they glom onto — from the more sensible-sounding people among us. Luckily, there are enough fools like me who, at least on occasion, provide them an audience and help them understand the truth with my genius retorts.

But seriously, while they pretend to reject it, I think it’s actually sinking in. And that’s exactly what they wanted. And — eureka! — that’s what we wanted, too, so it’s a win-win for civilization.

In a way, I feel sorry for them. They’re suffering from brainwashing on an institutional scale, and an almost cult-like following of an increasingly radical progressive-left ideology, which has and continues to almost entirely surround them. It’s really hard to get out of it. It requires help. I often come off as impatient with these people but I should be more compassionate. It may not be their fault that progressives have wrecked them so.

We should appreciate that they’re reaching out like this and use it as an opportunity to help. Their mental handicap or cult capture needs to be alleviated for civilization to prosper.

Or I’m oozing brain poo myself and we really are going to be eradicated by them or a Hamas-like team of barbarians.

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