Progressive have committed a mindocide

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Progressive have committed a mindocide

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The Article

Yikes. The stupidity. The sheer madness. And yes, I do think there is a certain madness out there. I mean a real psychological phenomenon. It is mostly among the young, and it almost exclusively affects the progressive mindset. It has resulted in a mindocide.

I accused one person who dared refute what I posted on X today of suffering from delusional psychosis and said she was a 15-year-old girl raised by progressives. I was mistaken in writing that. It could, on reflection, be a combination of all of that and more. I should have added that.

My totally accurate diagnosis is not just from this one encounter with one person — it’s from multiple such encounters and posts seen on X especially when something big comes up.

So you need an example of this so-called delusional psychosis by 15-year-old girls raised by progressive wacks? OK. CTVNews posted something on X saying, “China, Iran, Arab nations condemn Israeli minister’s statement about dropping a nuclear bomb on Gaza.” (It was a dumb-ass, offhanded, unserious remark made by some junior Israeli minister, who immediately apologized and said it was merely “metaphorical” for what that’s worth. No matter, progressive media must use it to denounce Israel even if it’s Iran, China, and Arab states — of all the people — who, exclusively, “took it seriously”!)

My reply:

It is almost funny that CTVNews wouldn’t consider the cringeworthiness, if not the moral vacuity, before posting such an ignominious load of crap. Did they ask the benevolent leader of the model nation of North Korea Kim Jong Un if he had an opinion? How about Syrian dictator and (also a) murderer Bashar al-Assad —anything to add sir? Or sorry you were right in the middle of slaughtering thousands more innocent men, women, and children, and throwing gay people off of rooftops and women into jail (or a good sound stoning) for not following your Sharia laws like they do in Iran and many Arab states! Maybe a comment later? 

Before I go on to my point, this is a bit of a tangential but related thing: the first reply to my snark was this bit of oozing brain poo, along with my reply:

“Regardless”? That’s not how normal, civilized people start a reply to something I said. “Regardless”?! Actually, I’ll have you regard what I said again, if you please, sir. Apparently, it didn’t sink in the first time. A bit of a human failing, that. And by the way: FU too, “Humanity is failing”.

Anyway, moments pass and the real stupidity — and the bigger point of this spiel — comes out:

The Rule of Progressives: If my oozing brain poo doesn’t convince you, why then I’ll double down with this pooper!

No answer from my dude. I assume he’s not OK. To be fair, he could be high on pot. Or he attended a school or a post-secondary institution in Canada or the US.

Then there was this one, who was the one another one who came off sounding like a 15-year-old girl who was raised by progressives, and suffering from a delusional psychosis:

Using the word Hamas — just uttering or typing the word Hamas — according to this gem, means supporting Israel’s “genocide, ethnic cleansing…”. That’s some deep mental shit right there. Deep.

But she quickly turns it into that age-old sophisticated game called “I know you are but what am I?”

The twisting or outright falsification of historical fact — or the lack of knowledge thereabout — is astounding. And the use of those damned bromides of the intellectually bereft: atrocities, oppression, resistance, genocide, ethnic cleansing, Israel’s savagery and slaughter of Palestinians… whoooboy. (She went to school?! Ohhhh. She went to school.)

Then she gets even more delusional. This “95%” figure used below, as she used it, is, well, just an incongruous bit of matter that she pulled out of her ass. But then she goes on to proclaim, without evidence, that I am an anti-Palestinian racist. I did type the word Hamas, after all! So fact check: true!

Well this whole convo is even more “on public display,” now, and my mask is indeed off (as if it was ever on, as this is the 12,727th post on this website over the past 20+ years to add to my Twitter/X posts numbering in the thousands, always under my real name and photo — all designed to reveal exactly what I think). If that’s her real name, add her to the list of people you’ll likely never hire, and if you’re Jewish, add her to the list of people who you might want to avoid when looking for someone to look after — or teach — your children.

But I’ve come to a realization here. I think maybe these people are reaching out for our help. Stay with me on that fantasy — I’ve written up a separate piece on that theme.

The oozing brain poo is actually a call for help. – PTBC (

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