Shocking lack of self-awareness at the Liberal Party.

Sometimes their ignorance or stupidity — or is it audacity? — shocks even me.

Maybe, to be fair and compassionate, they’re not stupid — they may simply be suffering from a severe case of psychological projection. It does happen. Usually, it betrays a weakness or guilt. And I’m sure there’s lots of that over there at the morbid Liberal/NDP Party HQ.

Aside from the “far-right” slur of pure adolescent idiocy, I’m sure you see the rank hypocrisy here, right? The scale of it is what’s so striking. I replied with what I thought was the obvious retort which got 600 likes and counting:

My only thought when I saw their post was are they f-ing serious? Is this the Babylon Bee?

The included video ad goes on to say that Pierre Polilievre is daring to talk about the rampant and still growing extremist gender ideology — progressive cult-like people saying things like “trans women are women!” (No they’re not, they’re men, as we know). And like teachers and whole school administrations hiding from parents a child “transitioning” into the other sex (which I’m hoping will one day be recognized as severe child abuse and people will go to jail accordingly); and schools, school boards, and governments which literally thrust our faces in it as a matter of public policy. Hi, BC Premier David Eby (NDP)!

Didja know he was an American? Neither did I! (He isn’t.)

And with regard to the kids “transitioning” secretly and aided in so doing by school weirdos, several Canadian stories touched on precisely this issue just within the past several months (and it turns out Canadians VASTLY agree with Poilievre, not with the progressive gender ideology cult. For eg: Vast majority say schools should inform parents if children wish to change their pronouns, are split over issue of parental consent – Angus Reid Institute).

Anyway, the “American” “import” counterpart in their stupid post: well, they compare Polilievre’s remarks about gender ideology to that of, you guessed it, Donald Trump(!) who mentioned it himself as well. Nobody else in the world (including David Eby or any Liberals have ever brought this shit up!). Never mind that any number of people (politicians of many stripes, medical people, scientists, commentators, PARENTS…) — millions of people across Canada and across the entire Western world also talk about this exact same thing in the exact same terms.

What could explain the Liberals posting this on X yesterday? Remember, as I’m sure most of you will, that the Liberals metaphorically licked Barack Obama’s face, they love them some Hillary Clinton, and they use every speck of political help from American advisors during campaigns and, I’m sure, outside of campaigning too. The President of their state-owned CBC division of the Liberals even lives in New York for reasons having nothing to do with “bringing their politics here to Canada.”

They know this. They know we know this.

Moreover (and this is a now almost comical pathological recurrence for them), they import every single US-based social-justice “cause-celebre” that happens there right into Canada when it is politically expedient for the Lib/NDP’ers, and even go so far as to create national policy affecting millions of Canadians when it has literally nothing to do with Canada.

Witness their affection for the Marxist and racist organization Black Lives Matter (whereupon Trudeau took a knee to display his embarrassing reverence). All progressives glommed onto it as well. You’d think Canada was the Jim Crow South. But it’s another lie.

Almost the entire gun control debate in Canada (Canada already has very strict gun controls, but progressives and the “news” media all pretend we don’t so they can use this as a divisive issue, dependent though it is on the ignorance of Canadians). As social justice issues go, in this country, this one is a total bullshit one, imported by the progressive left from the US which has a whole other history and set of issues. This is imported American bullshit, is what it is.

So again: is this a psychosis of some kind? Deflection? Or gaslighting? What the hell is it?

And by the way, while thinking about that, don’t let their bedmates — the even further left-wing NDP — get away with what I’m sure is coming from them too.

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