“Gun Control” is a BS political device used by the progressive left.

It's used by progressives who think the rest of Canada is utterly stupid.

They think gaslighting Canadians is the best way to go.

The licensed gun owner is the opposite of the problem.

...Which delightfully betrays the progressives' own stupidity and perfidy.

Politics is fun. Logic smarts.

It’s a random totally U.S. story, once again spotted and then hastily posted — by the Canadian news media — as if there’s nothing else in the world — or in, you know, Canada — to report on today.

Or is it random? Well of course not. Don’t be so stupid.

MY expanded reply to the idiot who would risk contradicting me (in ready-to-go X-posting thread form):

“Gun control” has been adopted by the left and far-left progressive set as a pet ideology, for no reason other than the pursuit of some BS reason to vote progressive.

There are few if any legitimate, intelligent reasons. But this one is particularly stupid.


I think it’s based mainly on the left’s admiration of Big Government and its power to control — and provide for — its citizens.

Progressives believe governments know best. The bigger, the more centralized, the better.

History proves them wrong. No matter. Teamwork.


Not science or data or logic or history-based, this gun control BS is a purely political device.

It could be vaccine mandates.

Anything that provides the glorious govt with a means to deploy its (maybe unconstitutional, and certainly unnatural) *control* mechanisms.


They constantly try to transfer American gun problems to Canada.

Because we don’t actually have gun control problems. But they need that device!

So it’s a farce. Misinformation. Disinformation. Lies. Dishonesty. Propaganda.


It’s a way of invoking fear and panic amongst non-gun-owners, who, let’s face it, know nothing about guns. That includes most “news” media people. And the latter makes sure the former remains ignorant. And they are. The former and latter all are.


Fear and panic induce a knee-jerk reliance on the savior govt (amongst the weak, anyway) to rescue them — to “save” them — yet again, from yet another scary, perceived evil in life. (Hopefully “free” stuff is involved!)

(Normal people don’t wait for the govt to tell them how to save themselves)


The “feminization” of the nation gets a stronger foothold in this process. This is by design.

“Toxic masculinity” is deemed to be “a thing.” It isn’t. This is a sort of gaslighting.

(It’s utter, progressive, bullshit.)

We need more big, strong, undeniably masculine, smart, unabashed men. (And women with guns.)


With that “save me” attitude from progressives comes quests for, or the sanctioning of, still more govt regulations and restrictions on our freedom and rights.


Big authoritarian govt rules.

Government as Savior.

Voila. As I said, that was their whole raison d’etre.

There was one contradiction of sorts. But I was too busy with actual logic and sense (this post to PTBC), so I offered only a curt reply with my left hand to shut it down while I was writing this with my right hand.

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