Progressives, you’re not all like this. Right?

This "Drug Users Liberation Front" protest joined up with the so-called "pro-Palestinian" (wink) rally down the street. They all agree. Shocker.

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The Article

They’re all varying degrees of progressives, to be sure. Liberal-left, all the way left to Marxist. These are not conservatives, folks.

But it’s hard not to see some of these groups of people as a part of some sort of far-left, nihilistic, terrorist-supporting, supporters of free drugs to addicts, “anti-settler,” “anti-colonizer,” “occupiers,” anti-capitalist, gender-bending “trans women are women” woke cult.

It’s completely unhinged thinking. Obviously. But there it is. It exists. Books will be written trying to ′splain it.

News media blithely reports on the movements of these groups without elucidating the nature — the seriously deranged and sometimes outright dangerous nature as I see it — of the groups themselves. Why is that? I shudder to think why. Are they brethren?

And while they never fail to mention any conservative-type guy or group in the news is “right-wing,” or as often as not, “far-right,” you’ll never see the “left-wing” or “progressive” moniker appended to these folks. They’re progressives at the very least. But not even that gentle sobriquet is mentioned. The politics of the subject is important to some stories, but not others.

City News Vancouver writes (on Friday, November 3, 2023) only passively or even favorably about the group DULF (Drug Users Liberation Front) and their protest ambitions as if they are totally normal and noble.

To be clear, some of DULF’s ambitions and the people behind it may be well-intentioned (I think they’re terribly, dangerously misguided and their ideology kills people), but at the extreme minimum, a pretty radical and a very controversial group and that is worth mentioning and delving into.

(Any group named “[anything] Liberation Front” is purposely trying to sound like a radical extremist group, if you ask me, but put “Drug Users” in front of that and, well, now you’re just in crazy-town and every single thing they do or say is suspect to me.)

But this is also a group whose organization has just been raided by the Vancouver Police on charges related to the distribution of illegal drugs bought on the dark web. Two co-founders of the group (here’s one; the other) were also arrested after their homes were raided by police, and they may be facing criminal charges.

This pro-drug madness is yet another common thread on the progressive left. Rather than treating the growing number of drug users to get them off of them — by very, very strenuous encouragement if need be — they insist on literally giving them more drugs at taxpayer expense, providing them with assistance in injecting (or whatever) the drugs, and keeping them all addicted, where a huge percentage of them simply die. Obviously. And this, they call “compassion.”

And oh yeah I nearly forgot: what is this DULF group also doing today? Well of course while their supporters were out protesting the righteous police raids and arrests, they joined up with another protest going on in Vancouver this date, the idiots of the “pro-Palestinian” brigades (scare quotes because they’re actually pro-Hamas and antisemitic extremists, in my learned opinion) which now bring out a whole slew of “progressive” wackos.

They made an official statement today. Pretend you’re shocked to see the words I highlighted:

Connect just 1/10000 of the dots

On DULF’s shockingly capitalist-style shopping page at their weird website, they sell t-shirts and buttons like this one:

I’m not sure how that helps their cause, but I’m not into drugs.

You’ll notice too that the weird website’s shop (created or run by “Heroinmart. Powered by Shopify“) lists other organizations along the left side (appropriately), which they’re obviously associated with in some manner.

I checked them out too. They’re all left-wing extremist and run by weird possibly drug-challenged people. Here’s one — the CPDDW — and note the ubiquitous anthem of the far-left woke progressive cult: the mandatory declaration that we are all “colonizers” and “settlers” and the land is “stolen” etc. (and we now know what that means to so many pro-Hamas ralliers lately wherein they claim the barbaric Hamas terrorist attacks and beheadings and amputations and baby-burning against innocent Israeli citizens were “justified” because “occupiers” and “settlers” and “colonizers,” yadda):

They inform us of their idiocy thusly (note #3, which is another of the woke left’s most progressive demands):

For their part, they sell crap like this typically “black bloc” ANTIFA-style riot gear which includes acronyms like ACAB (All Cops Are Bastards), a phrase which the Anti-Defamation League categorizes a hate symbol:

Lovely, huh?

I also can’t help but notice that the words “SHOOT DOPE” (why are they promoting that?!) and the words “FUCK THE COPS” could — ever-so accidentally — be read quickly, on the street, possibly by a fellow drug addict or ANTIFA rioters, as “SHOOT THE COPS.” Especially because the words “SHOOT” and “THE” before “COPS” are highlighted. Coinkidink I guess. Whatever, it was a greeaat design choice and really speaks to their ever-so moderate, well-intentioned nature right?

This collusion between left-wing groups ranging from labor unions to teachers to idiot students to reporters and editors to courtrooms and the bureaucracy to say nothing of dozens of misguided or just plain stupid politicians —is something I’ve mentioned before, but it has become all too obvious now with these antisemitic, pro-terrorist rallies. They are as one, and whether or not they were aware of it or even warned their brethren against it, it’s real, and it’s now up to them to separate themselves from it.

As Terry Glavin wrote today on his Substack:

…By the time of the Simchat Torah pogrom, it had long embedded itself as a necessary marker of “progressive” status in all the comfortable districts of liberal-democratic world. It is not just a hideous disfigurement of the “Left.” It’s not just an antifa-blackshirt recreational activity for stupid rich white kids to enliven their stupid, meaningless lives. It is a prerequisite for comfort and advancement in innumerable public institutions, non-profit organizations, university faculties and labour unions.

That reality is being widely noticed now, which is the one glimmer of hope that might emerge from the catastrophe enveloping Gaza at the moment, apart from the prospect of Hamas being smashed and irreparably ruined.

It’s a very faint hope, I confess…

I have even less hope. Who else is associated with this DULF group? The NDP-led province of British Columbia, whose health department gave them hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars. They released a statement after the embarrassing-for-them raid by the police:

“The contract between VCH [Vancouver Coastal Health — one of the government health regions] and DULF is explicitly for drug checking, overdose prevention training, and harm reduction services. These are critical services to keep people safe and keep people alive,” Minister Jennifer Whiteside said in a statement to PressProgress.

“It is extremely disappointing that a partner organization has engaged in illegal activities.”

Extremely disappointing and ever-so-shocking no doubt.

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