PTBC stands with Israel, obviously. *UPDATED*

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PTBC (and just to be clear, also me, Joel Johannesen) obviously stands with Isreal, although this is not so obvious to progressive leftists, who reflexively stand with Palestinian Hamas terrorists until life — and savage death — is explained to them by grownups with sense.

The idiot (and now mayor of Toronto, for reasons inexplicable) Olivia Chow (who as I’ve said for many years now sounds very much like a communist to me) was one of the first out of the gate, offering, as Mayor of Toronto and Toronto’s face on the global stage no less, solace to Palestinian terrorists with her tweet of idiocy as is normal for her as she is an idiot. Now all of Toronto look like idiots. (Well they did vote for her so…)

Olivia ChowOlivia Chow the idiot mayor of Toronto: “We must also acknowledge Palestinian pain and severe loss of life during this time.”

No, we mustn’t, you idiot.

She deleted the tweet after some sane person took her aside and explained that she’s a confused idiot.

“My earlier tweets on this have been deleted because of the harm and confusion they caused.”

The only “confusion” was hers, of course, but she’s too much of an idiot to see that. So like many progressives today believe, massive gaffes like this are really a learning experience for all of us, you see. You dumb-dumbs may just “experience things differently.”

Chow’s idiocy comes amidst several rallies held across Canada by Palestinian sympathizers and progressives from all the left-wing parties in Canada. Outside of Canada too. Progressives are everywhere, of course. But rallying to celebrate terrorists’ slaughter of innocent men, women, and children? War? Just to appear to be good and woke? A good progressive? Yup. That’s happening.

The militant and likely communist (—seriously, and yet they’re Canadian like Chow) labor union CUPE tweeted “Palestine is rising, long live the resistance,” on Saturday after the terrorists had murdered untold numbers of Israeli children and innocents. The union represents academics at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, so those professors and other academics must be really proud. No really — I expect those idiots really are proud. Because that’s progressive, today, folks.

That’s progressive.

The only surprise is that they, too, deleted their hate tweet. Perhaps a Jewish professor or student schooled them about their innocent parents or grandchildren or sisters or aunts back in Israel getting blown up by the barbaric Palestinian terrorists as they were going about their lives.

Where in God’s name is the ever-quick-to-call-people-he-hates-“hateful” prime minister? Where is that school marm and that smarmy finger-wagging scolder-in-chief Justin Trudeau? Even his sidekick and progressive absolutist Jagmeet Singh, who is quick to label even corporate executives or anyone who isn’t an extreme leftist as the literal enemy of all people —condemned the terrorists on X, but how about a word regarding your supporters rallying in the Canadian streets, raising tensions and probably leading to violence (and certainly viciously expressing pure hate) right here in Canada?

Like Trudeau, he sure had a lot to say about Joe Trucker and all those who dared dance and sing at the Freedom Convoy rallies. Hateful things, they both had to say, no less. Supporters were “Nazis” and “racists” and “misogynists,” and had “unacceptable views,” you’ll recall Trudeau saying, among other hateful things.

Where are they? Nowhere. No, where.

I suspect the progressive leaders all endorse the sentiments reflexively expressed by the idiots like Chow and CUPE and all those anti-Israel cultists and mindless ralliers.

Because that is, as I said, today’s progressive.

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UPDATE Oct 10 8:43 AM

Justin Trudeau has now reportedly — minimally, anyway — questioned the celebration by Canadian progressives and pro-Palestinian ralliers. The idiot Chow too, IIUC. I can see (see below) how a reporter is struggling to find the actual condemnation with hedging words like these: “Trudeau appeared to reference…”. The moment calls for a clear, direct unequivocal condemnation of the people — the pro-Palestinian ralliers — themselves as they literally celebrated the beheading of babies and kidnapping, slaughter, dragging through the streets, and rape women and children.

“Trudeau appeared to reference pro-Palestinian rallies across Canada as he addressed the solemn crowd.

““Hamas terrorists aren’t a resistance, they’re not freedom fighters. They are terrorists, and no one in Canada should be supporting them, much less celebrating them,” he said.

Just why he can’t come up with a full-throated direct condemnation of these ralliers without equivocation and without breezing past the incidents, is beyond me, except to say that he must view them as his political supporters — his people — which they are, it seems to me. Trudeau once again fails to live up to the moment here. Personally, I would have spent 20 minutes speaking about how and why this celebration of barbaric terrorists was wrong and should not be accepted by Canadians. That’s leadership, in case he’s interested.

How come they don’t even have “unacceptable views?” Is it because they’re not his political opponents? Spoiler: The answer is yes.


What I was just saying about political supporters seems to have also been caught by the progressive NBC News, which I expect will be instructed by AOC to delete soon (note the words “promoted by some of her allies”).

9:17 AM

Liberalvision CTV News, which will go ahead and call people on the right “far right” and “extremists” all day long, on even the most mundane story like, say, a trucker protest, refutes their man Trudeau’s assertion that they’re terrorists. CTV suddenly adopts the language of the objective or “both sides” reporter and calls them “militants.”

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