When Idiots Attack

AOC is a constant Israel scold as most leftists are, but at least she calls out some of her supporters for their gross behavior after the barbaric terrorist attacks (feature image). It's not that hard — even for her — to be reasonable in these situations. Not so for many of her friends and colleagues in America and Canada.

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The Article

On Thanksgiving Monday I wrote a post about the idiots celebrating — in tweets or on Facebook or in person at rallies across Canada — the barbaric slaughter, rape, beheadings, and kidnapping of innocent Israelis by the Neanderthals of the Palestinian Hamas terrorist group. Included in the gross behavior was the equivocating by the idiot Olivia Chow. Then there was the idiotic labor union CUPE which went even beyond equivocating. They have since come around to some extent but it’s weak sauce and I’m not remotely moved; and the McMaster University president, whose staff CUPE represents, isn’t either.

I also referenced the progressive political pedigree that all of these idiots share.

I used the word “idiot” about ten times according to a Control-F I performed this morning and witnessed by my wife and three neighbors and to be notarized later today, mostly describing the idiot Olivia Chow, owing to her idiocy.

Ten. Ten times I wrote the word idiot.

Some people wrote in. Most were idiots. One person said it was the stupidest thing he’d ever read on account of my using the word idiot nine times, and also, what kind of serious writer would do that? He called me an idiot. I added an idiot word counter atop that article to save them the time and trouble of counting, and the embarrassment of counting wrong.

The other thrust of my post was, as I said, that a progressive left-wing political ideology thread ran through most, if not all of these idiotic pro-Hamas ralliers and those who equivocated or pulled one version or another of the “yes, but” smarm. That, too, was disputed. But that’s even more idiotic. It’s objectively true that this thrust is coming from the progressive (liberal, socialist, communist) left, even if it does make their team look like racists, terrorist-supporting radicals, hypocrites or, you know, idiots.

I continue today to see evidence of pretty much exclusively leftism and far-left extremism running through these idiots. Progressives. To be honest, I’ve yet to see anything of the sort from anything or anybody right-wing.

Aside from CUPE and Chow, obvious leftists or far-leftists, there’s the Ontario NDP MPP Sara Jama who appears to be an idiot. She (if I may be so bold as to presume her pronouns without getting shouted at by her or the trans pronoun cult) outwardly supported the Hamas terror this past week, it seems to me. She’s also obviously far-left. The leftist Ontario NDP leader Mary Stiles has denounced her (her, I again presume), and even progressive premier Doug Ford did (yes I know, he’s leader of the Progressive Conservatives, officially and outwardly, but in his case, the emphasis is most definitely on the Progressive —don’t even argue with me).

But Jama’s hate sentiments as well as the reflexive idiocy put out by Chow, CUPE and so many others, will stay with me even if they delete or are forced to delete their tweets — and in Jama’s case resign from the NDP caucus for a couple of weeks until everybody forgets about it — which is what usually happens in the NDP and other progressive parties, am I right Svend?

(I checked. Shocker. She has listed her pronouns on her X account — “she/her.” For reference, listing your pronouns is basically proof to me that you’re an idiot and possibly a member of a progressive cult who should be ignored as unserious or stupid or most often both.)

Further update: Jama Smarm apology/not-apology after pushback and likely an effort to save her from being fired (for two weeks).

There’s also the left-wing extremist and militant group BLM, which is clearly and self-admittedly not merely “left-wing” but actually Marxist, and which, more literally than most progressives or progressive groups, overtly expressed their hate and their support for the terrorists (see below). And then when called on it, as they were, they doubled down with a smarmy rephrasing in slightly gentler terms the exact same thing they messaged earlier (a behavior typical among the extremely dishonest or outright fraudulent).

Jonah Goldberg called it like it is:

Please try to recall all the big corporations including those in Canada who openly supported this group of far-left militant and destructive radicals during the horrible endless months-long BLM “mostly peaceful” riots and protests and rallies in which Justin Trudeau and his ilk personally participated by taking a knee like a mindless robo-dolt (well actually, to be accurate, first he emailed all of his beloved “news” media, and THEN he went outside to take a knee. Shockingly, it was all captured on video and in photos that appeared all over the “news” media that day).

Make a list of the companies and people you remember supporting this BLM fraud, which includes Justin Trudeau and the Liberals and the NDP and not a few others in government. (Surely somewhere someone has compiled a good list for us to refer to.) Do the same for writers, professors, entertainers, and so on, who likewise supported this left-wing extremist group — a group which has lived up to obvious suspicions and revealed itself as a radical extremist pro-Hamas anti-semitic, racist, and pro-terrorist Marxist fraud.

It should shock nobody that Communist China supports the terrorists in calling for a ceasefire even as Hamas continues to kill and rape Israelis…

…Nor should it surprise us that other, more local left-wing extremists have a similar “logic.”

It’s not just here, of course, it’s in America too. Here’s Democrat Party Congressman Shri Thanedar from Michigan renouncing his membership in the Democratic Socialists of America — an extreme leftist organization to which AOC and other Dem congressmen and senators also belong. (Will AOC and the others also bin their memberships? I doubt it. But watch that space!)

And I could literally go on all day long with dozens of examples, and more keep coming up as I gaze at X. Idiocy all around us. Progressive idiocy.

One more thing, for the idiots:

“Hamas supporters enjoy safe haven and left-wing support in Canada” | National Post


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