UPDATED — State-owned CBC labeled “Government funded” on Twitter. So they quit because it’s true.

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The Article

I’m interrupting my hiatus to comment on this good day. A day when Twitter, thanks to the scientific and business mind of Elon Musk, slapped a label on the CBC’s Twitter account so people will know the State-owned CBC are “Government-funded Media.”

Which even monkeys know they are. Which even the state-owned CBC knows they are (not to repeat myself).

I’ve been a foe of the very principle of the state-owned CBC, to say nothing of its corrupt bias and social engineering and propaganda, and in a word, its danger to our freedom and democracy since I started PTBC back in the late 1990s/early 2000s — also known as The Before Twitter Times. (Also known as the Before Most Anything On The Internet Including Even The CBC, um, Times, as you can see from their “Joined August 2008” stamp.)

That they are now called “Government-funded Media” did not go over well with the TruAnons or the state-owned CBC. Which is fun to watch, and very instructive.

Just as nearly every idiot who, over the many years, has sent me nasty (I mean… really nasty) emails and web comments when I continuously called them “state-owned media” (mostly emotional denials claiming that they’re not “state-owned,” or that they should be called that (they should)), or that whatever, they’re doing a great job and they’re unbiased (!), the state-owned CBC has itself now also denied being “Government-Funded Media.” Oh wait, hang on — it’s not that they’re denying being Government-funded Media — that would be hilarious, obviously. It’s that they deny they’re anything less than totes honest and unbiased and “impartial” (yes they said this!), and — get this — they’re also INDEPENDENT.  Gulp.

And they’re taking a “pause.”

The label didn’t say anything about them being unbiased, etc. So to get this straight: The label is correct, it’s just that Elon Musk is a big meaniepants and is making the state-owned CBC look like what it is  — Goverment-funded Media — which is, well, self-evidently shameful or indicative of an inherent bias (it is) or lack of independence in some ever-so weird way (it is)? Or the state-owned CBC knows it would be perceived that way by the normals? (It would be.)

And so they’re taking their marbles and running away?

Well good. As I said last week on Twitter when America’s NPR was appropriately slapped with a similar “State-affiliated Media” label which I assumed would be applied to the state-owned CBC (and similarly the NPR folkx cowered away like grumpy children who were denied the candy their parents used to give them whenever they demanded it):

Then this morning I noticed that some of the state-owned (Government-funded 😀 ) CBC’s sub-accounts on Twitter were still tweeting and when I looked, it surprised me they didn’t too have that same label. This doesn’t make sense.

It’s not as if CBC BC is a private company. But no sooner had I noticed that, they tweeted out something of a heads-up to their Twitter followers in case it gets The Label… which simply included links to where on all the other social media the state-owned CBC-British Columbia could be found… which included their link to their account on the Chinese Communist Party’s very own TikTok division

…which is weird, because this:

“TikTok banned on all Canadian government devices over ‘unacceptable’ risk”
– National | Globalnews.ca

So whatever the hell is going on over there at the state-owned CBC is all pretty twisted. I mean all of it is twisted. Its shows, its news, its propaganda, its ever-present social engineering efforts, its cost, its executive bonuses, its attitude, its TikTok account — everything.

As I’ve been saying since Pierre Poiliever was but a young man, the state-owned CBC needs to be defunded; and moreover, sold off to whoever wants to make a private enterprise go of it (“whoever,” not to include any government  — Chinese or Canadian).

My next Twitter battle may be to get liberalvision CTV (I’ve been calling it that for decades here at PTBC) slapped with what I’d call the the “liberalvision” label, to serve as a warning that most of its content is simply another PR notice directly from Liberal Party HQ.



Wall Street Journal weighs in (free link here):

UPDATE Monday evening:


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