The progressives in Ottawa and at liberalvision CTV “News” aim to exhaust us with lies

Who's in "denial" about residential schools? Exactly nobody. And they know it.

When even the government-appointed “special Interlocutor” (LOL) is as mendacious as this, we have no hope of ever having an honest conversation.

And sadly, I suffer no illusion that they even intend to have an honest conversation.

Total BS headline.

“[R]esidential school denialism…”

Nobody “denies” residential schools existed. This is gaslighting — disinformation — turned up to 13. What do these people take us for? (Spoiler: they take us for idiots.)

Quite apart from the insulting smear of calling people who disagree with you “deniers” — which they know is à la Holocaust deniers — what sensible people deny, correctly, is the claptrap about mass “graves,” which as even this article admits are but “possible” graves. And what the article explains is that the so-called “denialism” that the “Special Interlocutor” (LOL) is on about, is the denial of these  (non-existent) “graves.” Not “residential schools.” It sounds like clown world but it’s the “news” media!

I would not be shocked if graves were found someday since this was the age of tuberculosis, and first nations kids in residential schools were indeed improperly cared for, so they were especially hard hit. BUT NO REMAINS HAVE BEEN FOUND TO DATE.

Nonetheless, as the mendaciously headlined article explains, the Special Interlocuteur (LOL) recommends “criminal sanctions” if you disagree with the mass “graves” lie. So, like jail time. In Canada. And don’t worry, (Liberal progressive woke) “Justice Minister David Lametti said he is open to such a solution.”

This jail-time idea for “wrong-think” sounds like fascism to me, actually. I’m pretty sure it is. Also here’s a link to Orwell’s 1984.

How many times do we have to go over this — with science, evidence, facts, and reality — to counter what has become an obvious effort to bullshit and gaslight us — using deliberate misinformation and disinformation from both the government and the progressives in “news” media? Why do we even have to counter lies — misinformation and disinformation — from these institutions which pretend to — and should — care about such things?

They think if they repeat the lie often enough it will become the truth. Or they will rag the puck until they find graves, which they pray they will find soon.

I’ll never give up and you shouldn’t either. They refuse to be honest, and we’ll just counter that with honesty. They hate it when we do that.

Here is a partial list of actual truth-bearing articles which you’ll read or have already, unless you’re in total political-ideological and possibly woke cult denial:

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