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The Article

Liberal-left media is usually all about the nuance.  The subtlety. 

But sometimes they’re downright blatant about their hate for “profit” and “personal responsibility” and “corporations” and “Americans”. 

Sometimes they’re passive-aggressive or schizophrenic. It depends on the urgency of the situation I guess.  They do keep their eyes on the prize though—liberalism, socialism (depends who you talk to).

For instance, the media supports the Liberal government’s anti-conservative mind controls such as the state-censor CRTC banning the supposedly “right-wing” Fox News Channel so that conservative viewpoints won’t leak out into society, and so liberal Canadians won’t be tempted to give evil conservative ideas any consideration—but not by actually saying so. Rather, through stories which slam the crap out of Fox News Channel at every opportunity.  In one news story (not an editorial), the Vancouver Sun described Fox News Channel as such:  “Fox News, the ultra-right-wing champion of George W. Bush, big tax cuts and the war in Iraq”. 

Of course many Canadians will read that and indignantly proclaim, after years of indoctrination, “what’s wrong with that?  Fox News Channel is right-wing, and that’s why it’s banned and so it should be!”—missing the point of “freedom” entirely and thereby proving many of my points. 

Let me take you through another example: 

The somewhat fiscally conservative (in some areas, some of the time) British Columbia government has decided, quite rightly, to contract-out the payroll department of its (way, way oversized) civil service to a private company.  This will save countless millions of taxpayer dollars not because the company will pay the employees any less, but simply by letting more efficient private companies do the job.  The workers involved have all been offered jobs at the private company at the same rate of pay, benefits, and with the same union contract, so clearly it’s just a fact that this private enterprise is more efficient than the government could ever hope to be.  Sensible people, all non-Marxists, for example Americans, acknowledge this as a fact—a “given”, and even promote the concept and speak favorably about it and how it separates them from, say, Cuba. 

To which of course the Vancouver Sun reporter Jim Beatty, in his article about this contracting-out, writes (paraphrasing someone else I think but I’m not sure—by design no doubt):  “Large organizations such as the government have expertise and economies of scale which sometimes can’t be matched by the private sector.” Perhaps the private sector should just give up trying to compete with government then.  Beatty and the Vancouver Sun sound like a promotional ad for the Cuban socialist state and Marxism.

The Vancouver Sun reported this contracting-out story as front-page news. With a little color graph added.  Other front page news?  Arafat died, etc.  Privatizing and contracting-out is the next saddest news for the liberal-left after things like Arafat dying. There isn’t much room for the privatization story after leaving room for the world’s biggest picture of the handsome Arafat, so the sad and scary privatization story continues on page two.

In other newspapers around the world, we’d easily see how British Columbia—and much of Canada—is fifteen or more years behind in finally figuring out that government is bloated, inefficient, and is generally horrible managers of business or even running a simple bureaucracy. As a matter of fact, in Canada they can’t even manage themselves.  One need only look at the Liberal Party in Ottawa which is embroiled in the biggest political corruption scandal in the history of our nation.  (Which, after finding out about this, the citizens protested by promptly re-electing them and holding “stop Harper” rallies.) 

This “government is crap” conclusion is now found only in the ancient newspaper archives in other countries in which people are awake and can do math, and can legally receive, say, Fox News Channel, which most every country except Canada can and does. China, for instance, has embraced capitalism.  Canada has not yet. 

Here in Canada, where citizens revel in the notion that their country is “progressive”—it apparently means sticking with the status quo—and keeping things the way they were when the industrial revolution started.  As I understand it from all the union bosses here and as dutifully and repeatedly reported in the media, there’s still slaves working in decrepit windowless buildings breathing death dust, here, for 13 cents per hour.  So when government contracts-out work forcing government workers into dungeons, it’s naturally front-page news. 

Other nations’ newspapers announced socialism’s death a long time ago—the Soviet Union is no more—circa Ronald Reagan’s 1980’s (buy the commemorative coin online!)  They’re over it already, elsewhere.  Once our media get over the Kerry liberals’ defeat in the U.S., which apparently they might never do; and now their Mr. Arafat dying on them on top of that; they should work on this whole socialism was a hilarious blunder thing. 

Meantime, we find that the Vancouver Sun, after quickly laying out the background to the nefarious contracting-out horror story, then gets right to the experts’ opinions (and of course the opinions are always negative on a story like privatization—it’s capitalism fer cryin’ out loud!).  And they always get the expert opinions from the same expert geniuses on every subject: yes, of course, the ubiquitous university professor (university professors and academia come in two flavors:  left-wing, and oh-so-very left-wing) usually from none other than Simon Fraser University, a state-run institution known for being a left-wing bastion of anti-rightwingology. 

“Lindsay Meredith, a business professor at Simon Fraser University, said contracting out is trendy and can save money but it also can be costly and dangerous.”

Let’s review the hidden meaning of his message:

Oh No!  Save us from privatization—someone! Please! For the love of…!

This is a business professor saying that.  Once again:  BUSINESS professor.  To him, privatization is “trendy”!  (And it only “can” save money).  But it can also be “costly and dangerous”

If Canada’s teachers and university professors—business professors—are warning against private enterprise, then let’s just roll up the carpet and call it what it is:  Soviet Canuckistan.  Why the farce?  They teach it in schools, and say the same kinds of things over and over.  And the media quote them over and over as the ‘experts’ they are.  They are completely reliable and consistent sources for the media—they always interview a university professor to get the ‘real facts’ from a ‘real smartypants’—he’s a professor, folks, so he knows the facts! He teaches ‘em, after all!  Let’s call it a day!

The Vancouver Sun article continues on page two of the paper with this headline, in blaring huge lettering—bigger than on the front page:  “Privatization may bring some ‘risks’”

Now you can see why they wanted to continue it on page two—to have more room for a doozy of a headline like that—one that teaches us Canuckistanians the truth. 

How many years of living with headlines like that in mainstream media does a Canadian have to endure before it’s ingrained in their ever-pinkening heads:  ‘PRIVATIZATION IS BAD!  GOVERNMENT CENTRAL PLANNING AND CONTROL IS GOOD!’?  Answer:  Mission accomplished already! It’s apparently accepted as a given—as if it’s mainstream thinking here already—so you’d think they’d tone it down a little. 

Of course the other opinion necessary for any negastory on the ever-so-risky privatization thing is none other than the ever-so-objective public-sector labor union boss who in this particular case …. wait for it…. yes…. objected to B.C.‘s trend toward contracting-out, of all the darndest things.  “This is not something that should be entrusted to a third party… whose goal is to make a profit from this”.  See?  Governments, unions = GOOD.  Profit, private enterprise = BAD; CAN’T BE TRUSTED.  Rinse and repeat. 

And as if to prove that his opinion is based solely on socialist/Marxist ideology, the workers involved have, as I’ve already alluded, all been offered jobs at the private company at the same rate of pay, benefits, and with the same union contract—the Minister responsible is also quoted as stating as much, so it has nothing to do with the benevolent union boss looking out for the poor maligned workers whom the union has spent years convincing into believing they’re victims of slave-driving profiteers.  The workers are probably going to make more money and enjoy their jobs more (darn it, huh!).  He simply believes in the socialist/Marxist approach to building Canada, and the Vancouver Sun apparently does too.

Those like me argue that based on the very efficiencies exemplified in stories like this, government should contract out nearly all government services to private citizens and businesses, saving countless hundreds of millions more taxpayer dollars. But try to convince anyone at the cocktail party of this!  I’ve tried!  That’s why I’m at home now, and it’s Saturday night!

People like me are up against this mantra which has taught us and all our friends, starting at grade-school (and soon at state-run daycare when the feds get that new social program running), that I am the only human on the face of the earth to think as I do. I am described by the liberal-left as “extreme”, “right-wing”, as an “extreme right-wing conservative”, or since the big Kerry defeat, as a member of the “religious-right”. The city of Vancouver’s mayor (the neo-communist Larry Campbell) employed some o’ that famous subtlety and described all conservatives as “barbarians”. That’s what he called conservatives in a media scrum during the last election.  “Barbarians”.  So, just so we have it straight:  I’m a nut. 

“Privatization may bring some ‘risks’”!  Sorry I just had to repeat it because it sounds so much like a headline in a state-run newspaper in the old Soviet Union and China and Cuba and North Korea and yet it was printed in the Vancouver Sun paraphrasing a university professor!

As we on the sensible side know, the key is that the risk is really only theirs—privatization is indeed a risk—to socialism, and Marxism, and the socialist state.  And I, for one, will chance it. 

By Joel Johannesen

This editorial is posted at ProudToBeCanadian.ca.  Here is the exact link to the editorial:

Joel Johannesen
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Joel Johannesen
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