Meet NAFTA on steroids

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This is an interesting way to start the week…. from Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin:  “Meet NAFTA on steroids

New U.S.-Mexico-Canada security plan would virtually eliminate national borders

North American national borders would be virtually eliminated under plans being considered by senior business and political leaders from Canada, the United States and Mexico for a “NAFTA-plus,” continent-wide, customs-free zone with a common approach to trade, energy, immigration, law enforcement and security.

A tri-national task force, chaired by former Liberal Party deputy prime minister John Manley, with the full backing of all three governments, is plotting the roadmap for this new, bolder alliance meant to compete with the European Union. William Weld, former governor of Massachusetts and Pedro Aspe, former Mexican finance minister, join Manley on the panel that reports directly to the Council on Foreign Relations.

The mission has the formal blessing of Tom Ridge, U.S. Homeland Security secretary, who is close with President Bush.

The committee is scheduled to issue its report next spring.

The elimination of borders along the lines of the EU experiment seems to be high on the agenda of the panel.


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