I’m scared! Moo!

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In a Canadian election campaign, you know that Liberals are on the run when they start using hilariously absurd scare tactics designed to scare dumb Canadians.  Dumb is apparently how Liberals see most of us.  When the liberal media starts to report the scary “facts” as gospel, or even as “worth reporting”, you know the Liberals are losing the election.

When the Conservatives are poised to win the election, and previous Liberal scare tactics about the Conservatives start to fail, they employ even bigger and more bogus scare tactics.  This “we really really mean it” strategy works extremely well on farm animals especially when supplemented by a cattle prod. 

I’m not a dumb farm animal, merely a Canadian Conservative guy working my butt roast off, who wants to build Canada into the formidable nation that it could be rather than the Anna Nichole Smith of nations that it is.

Last week Conservative health critic Rob Merrifield said he would like to see women receive third-party counseling before undergoing an abortion, much like some Liberals have proposed.  Imagine the horrors of being fully apprised of the health risks by a qualified doctor prior to getting an abortion. 

Imagine being bull-whipped by Liberal politicians when suggesting more public service to Canadians, at the taxpayer’s expense—this is usually seen as “yummy” to Liberals.  That in itself is funny.  But when you add to that the fact that many abortion clinics are in fact privately-owned and operated clinics that are publicly-funded, and are fully condoned and appreciated by the liberal-left, well that’s even funnier.  I’d mention that it’s hypocrisy run amuck, but I don’t want to ruin the amusing “Canada moment”.

Liberal leader and our Prime Minister Paul Martin responded to all the recent Conservative Party common sense (that’s what’s really scary to them, truth be told) yesterday by issuing an official red alert warning to minority groups in Canada on Monday, saying a government led by Stephen Harper and the Conservatives would “put their rights in serious jeopardy”. 

The other day, Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin stumbled and mucked his way through an answer to a student’s question at a school, concerning abortion:

“The issue is obviously one of consulting and of comfort, of setting examples and of essentially doing all of those things in terms of prevention that I know that here, at this school, they are trying to do.”

Huh?  So he’s in favor of consulting?  Since I’m bilingual and I understand Liberalese, let me translate it for you:  “I’m a sad desperate politician and I don’t have the foggiest clue what I’m talking about but I heard the word ‘consult’ the other day and it sounded smart, and I just wanna be the supreme Liberal Leader of all the people, vote Liberal.”

Tom Wappel, a Liberal Toronto MP who ran for the party’s leadership in 1990 on a pro-life platform, and introduced a private member’s bill in support of proclaiming the fetus a human being, said in 2002 that he has yet to speak with a Liberal MP who would vote in favor of same-sex marriages. He urged his government to appeal an Ontario court decision that lifted the ban on same sex-marriages in Ontario and gave Ottawa two years to rewrite its marriage laws. If the government does not move by then, the definition of marriage will be changed to the union of “two persons” he said.

Wappel, Liberal, then said the government must fight the decision all the way to the Supreme Court, and, if unsuccessful, use the notwithstanding clause in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to override the court. Otherwise, “many Liberal MPs will have a hard time getting re-elected”, he said.

“Who’s going to vote for a government that destroys the traditional definition of marriage? I wouldn’t want to go into the next election wearing that,” he said.

“My view is that the Supreme Court of Canada will overturn the court of appeal. If they do not, then it is time for the Parliament of Canada to overturn the Supreme Court of Canada by using the Charter” said Liberal Tom Wappel.

Just this week Toronto Liberal MP Tom Wappel and Sarnia Liberal MP Roger Gallaway also say that Liberals are deeply divided over gay rights, with Gallaway going so far as to predict that a free vote on same-sex marriage would be defeated (that’s with the current Liberal majority).

“My view is if it were put to the House, which it will be, it won’t pass,” Gallaway said in an interview. “I think there’s enough people opposed to it to knock it down.”

Among those opposed to same-sex marriage is Liberal Judy Sgro, the Liberal cabinet minister sent by Liberal campaign officials last week to ambush and heckle Conservative Leader Stephen Harper over his stand on abortion.

Sgro, Liberal, who supported an Opposition motion last fall reaffirming the traditional definition of marriage, taunted Harper with the question: “Whose rights are you taking away tomorrow?”

Seven Liberal cabinet ministers including Sgro and the co-chair of his election campaign, Helene Scherrer, voted last fall against same-sex marriage.

A total of 52 Liberals joined Harper and the Conservatives in affirming the traditional definition of marriage and oops—another 19 Liberals didn’t show up for the controversial vote.  I guess they all missed the bus to Parliament Hill that day or they didn’t have the correct change. The motion was defeated by a razor thin vote of 137 to 132.

Liberal Justice Minister Irwin Cotler held his own press conference in Ottawa Monday, calling Mr. Harper a “grave threat” to the Charter.  This from the Party that believes Saddam Hussein was “not a threat”. 

While Liberals warn that Stephen Harper is a “grave threat”, the Liberals have so shirked their responsibilities as the government of Canada that it has set Canada up to be fully reliant on the United States to defend our nation and its borders and its interests, even while they hate America and call the U.S. President a “moron”.  They have so under funded Canada’s defense and national security that Canada now spends less on defense than any NATO country in the world with the exception of Luxembourg, a country half the size of Prince Edward Island.

This is the same party that has over the past ten years engaged in the most hellacious political corruption scandal in Canadian history (the truth of which will be buried under a Liberal government and liberal media), in which our own government has allegedly stolen hundreds of millions of dollars worth of taxpayers’ money (including that of minorities) and used it to advance their own political ends. 

Conservatives, a grave threat?  That’s rich.

And actually, with limited respect to the Liberal Justice Minister and all the other desperate lying Liberal hypocrites, as a conservative Canadian, I care about Canada and our Charter of Rights at least as much as them and maybe even more, since I don’t have a gold-plated pension plan and perks coming into every orifice of my body; and especially since Conservatives don’t run virtually every facet of Canadian life from the government civil service to every crown corporation and department to the state-run media and media regulators to the tax department to national security to mail delivery to Via Rail to the Supreme Court to the RCMP to my own health care and that of my family—but rather it’s Liberals who do. You’re damn right I care about the Charter.

Conservatives—me—are a grave threat to our own Charter of Rights?  Bull.

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