Go Ahead. Don’t Vote Liberal. Make My Day.

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The Article

Only desperation for power would entice otherwise good, honest people to hide the truth, distort an opponent’s political platform so that it looks “scary” or even “dangerous”; and paint a nice, principled, intelligent, thinking, caring, family man of values who loves people and Canada, into the devil incarnate, a nefarious villain, an evil sly man with a “hidden agenda” intent on “destroying Canada” and every one of its people. 

The new Liberal Party ads allow Canadians to envisage a Conservative Stephen Harper as man who would rejoice in allowing little boys and girls to be killed by guns, and young girls to be forced to have babies even at risk of their own peril.

While brutal murderers are innocent until proven guilty, Stephen Harper is already guilty even though he’s the one who hasn’t been in power for the last 11 years.

The latest Liberal Party ads are so over the top that I wonder how it isn’t actually just inciting “hate”.  Hate against people who love Canada.  Principled people with families.  People like me who are conservatives, big and small C, whose only crime is we dare to not be Liberals.

Apparently the Liberals would have us believe that Stephen Harper thinks Canadians like his 5-year-old daughter Rachel and 8-year-old son Ben are simply disposable trash like all other Canadians because he would dare end the hideous billion-dollar Liberal gun registry. 

Conservatives will apparently send gay men who love other gay men to jail.  Yes, voting Conservative means loving people of the same sex will be against the law and they will be arrested. People will possibly even be sentenced to death just willy-nilly, if not sent to Iraq to fight for an “American-style Healthcare System”.  So vote Liberal or else.

Canada will itself be destroyed.  The ads depict the Canadian flag dissolving.  So under a Conservative leadership, the Canadian flag—the very nation—will actually cease to be.  So do vote Liberal in order to save the nation.

Effectively, in order to protect Canada, all Conservatives should be destroyed, no?  Jailed, at least.  I mean it’s that scary if it’s true.  Think about it:  If we are to believe the Liberal ads, and the very destruction of our nation is a real possibility—I’d condone more than simple jail time for all Conservatives, I’d take up arms against them.  I’d fight for my country.

This is the Liberal view of Conservatives—millions upon millions of the Canadian people.  Conservative John A. Macdonald’s party, the father of Canadian confederation that Paul Martin seems to enjoy so much.

Stephen Harper, they say, is a threat not just to your country—his country—but to your very lives and that of your families.  Yet, remember, Saddam Hussein, by comparison, was “not a threat”.

If Liberals spent half as much time, money and effort fighting terrorism, fighting health care waiting lists, fighting genocide in Africa, fighting for investment and even the slightest interest in Canada from abroad, instead of fighting Conservatives, we’d have something here.  In the meantime, we don’t.

I’ve spoken out against the Canadian law in which we must all be Liberals for some time, and I get angry emails about it with kind words of advise like “leave Canada”.  If I refuse to be Liberal, I should “move away from this country and just live in the U.S.”.  Apparently, I should also feel “shame”, I’m told. 

A Liberal campaign support worker in Vancouver sent emails to students inviting them to a “drink until you die” party in support of the Liberal cause.  In the same invitation, it was suggested that Conservatives could also come.  They would all sit in a corner however, separate from the other people. They could “sit in a corner and hate gay people and immigrants and social programs and basically anything that’s reasonable or good”, said the Liberal’s email.

Sit in a separate corner, you know, like Jews or blacks of horrible days gone by.  That’s the Liberal Party’s “Team Martin” of today.

Left-wing do-nothing egotistical mayor of Vancouver, Larry Campbell, warned that voting for Conservatives means voting for “barbarians who would set Canada’s cities back 20 years.”

“Barbarians”.  That’s me and my wife.  We, citizens, conservatives, are nothing but barbarians.  How tolerant, in a horrible hate-filled kind of way.

I just excuse people like them as the desperate fools and asses that they are. And as I’ve said for some time, the left’s insatiable quest for power is in a downward spiral and they’re desperate.  Right on queue, Liberal campaign co-chairman David Herle was quoted in several media outlets yesterday telling MPs his party is “desperate”, and that the campaign is “in a downward spiral”. 

Herle says that must be reversed with tough attack ads.  I think they should try reversing it by proving that the past ten years didn’t really in fact actually happen.  As non Liberals (most of Canada) can see, that will prove really tough.

Canadians should remember that when they see these Liberal horror show ads, created by Liberal ad firms for the Liberal election machine, that the biggest political corruption scandal in the history of Canada, which is currently being uncovered by Conservatives and federal investigators, is over the question of the $100-million (plus) of Canadians’ tax dollars that went to Liberal advertising firms under the guise of some Quebec “sponsorship” scheme. 

As if that isn’t enough, Canadians should also remember that the state-run CBC is stacked from top to bottom with Liberals, and is totally funded by taxpayer cash.  And much of the so-called “corporate media” in this country are owned and run by liberal elites—“corporate elites” are frequently liberals and Liberal Party supporters—and vice-versa as it allegedly turns out—look at Paul Martin himself; and reporters are mostly left-leaning union members who are liberal or NDP supporters.

In the face of the concerted liberal media effort to demolish Stephen Harper and the Conservatives, the polls indicate that Conservatives are ahead.  Imagine if the media weren’t liberal, and if the CBC weren’t a state-run Liberal-hack-driven ad machine.  Imagine if Canadians weren’t awash in liberalism created by years of Liberal patronage plants into every Canadian institution and department and at the state-run media—a Canadian nation really free of political Liberal proselytizing at taxpayers’ expense.

Liberals imagine that prospect too, now.

“Choose your Canada”, the governing Liberal ads say.  With a close-up of a gun pointed at you, citizen, as if daring us not to.

Joel Johannesen
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Joel Johannesen
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