Liberals Dream of Homosexual Abortions, While Life Goes On

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The Article

It should hardly surprise anyone when it is found that Canadian Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are somewhat split over issues like abortion and gay marriage.  Polls suggest the Canada is somewhat split over these issues.  Split in half, roughly, depending on the day you ask and the age group you ask.  Therefore, as you can see, the Conservatives are representative of Canadians.  Canadian values.  They have the pulse of the nation.  They are Canadians.  True Canadians.  Honest, free and real.  Which makes you wonder about the left.

Although the Liberals are also split over the issues, they patronizingly evangelize to Canadians and attempt to stigmatize Conservatives as they tell us how they alone have already figured out all the answers in advance.  Canadians don’t have the answer, yet Liberals who dubbed themselves “the only true Canadians”, do.  And their answers are always the most liberal possible interpretation. 

Like making it easier for young Canadians to get high on drugs by smoking pot willy-nilly, they choose the side of gay people and pro-abortion, just in case they can convince Canadians that that is the way to think moving forward.  Eventually the state-run CBC’s editorial board (another Liberal Party affiliate) will officially add their subtle roll-of-the-eyes rule to their reporters’ guidebook when they utter “pro-life”, and “those who (still!) believe in the sanctity of marriage between a man and a women”—just as they already do now when they say “Conservatives”, “Israel”, “terrorists”, “Americans”, “profit”, “self-reliance”, “personal responsibility”, “free markets”, “national defence”, “privately funded”, “non-union”, and other such nefarious catch-phrases of the “extreme right wing agenda/conspiracy”.

One Liberal candidate, a current Liberal MP, Tom Wappel, ran in the last election on a pro-life platform and won, then introduced a private member’s bill to recognize the unborn fetus as a human being.  Several other Liberals rose to speak in favor of his bill. 

The Liberals are split over the issue, just like they are split over gay marriage.  Or to use the vernacular of the Canadian media when speaking about Conservatives, the Liberals are morbidly stuck in a horrid muddy quagmire that promises to ruin the nation and spill yucky American-made ketchup over every Canadian’s white, white, oh-so-pure white pants.

There are many among us who, with an ounce of honesty and courage, would admit that they are or have been split in their own mind about it, just as about half the country admits in polls.  And any Party with an ounce of honesty would resolve the matter by employing the power (a power that seems to be a uniquely Conservative from my reading of the various party platforms) of freedom and democracy, by allowing a free vote in parliament over these issues.  In particular, Conservatives seem to be uniquely in favor of allowing the people and their elected representatives to decide matters of importance to them, rather then the Liberal-appointed members of the Liberal Supreme Court of Liberal Canada to decide for us, with the help of the state-run Liberal media,  whether we’re Liberal or Not.

Let the people decide.  That’s what Stephen Harper’s Conservatives have said they’d do.  Are the Liberals (and the socialist fringe party the NDP which I’ve chosen to largely ignore from now on because they’re just too ridiculous) against freedom and democracy?  Could someone explain to me how they’re representing Canadian values and how they get off calling themselves “the only true Canadians” and “the only real Canadian party”?  When I “choose my Canada”, can I choose one with a sensible official opposition to the ruling Conservatives? 

Which brings me to my non-gayness and the unlikelihood of my getting pregnant by accidentally having sex with a woman accidentally and being shocked out of my wits by that whole “baby” thing that would amazingly start to grow within me if only I were a woman.  I’m not gay, nor am I likely to get pregnant accidentally.  I asked my wife and she said the same thing—she’s not gay, nor is she likely to get pregnant.

Just how many gay people are there anyway?  You’d think Canada was a country of gay people yearning to go to the sacred alter to pledge their holy matrimonial vows before God.  Are there no people like me who are simply interested in building this nation?  And when it comes to rights and equality, I have a list of priorities—it includes helping out the near-dead kids in Rwanda and Sudan after 800,000 and 2,000,000, respectively, of their citizenry have already been killed over the past ten years; giving a further boost to the now free little girls in Iraq (no thanks to Canada) who have never had pens or pencils or writing pads; and helping out men and women my own age in Afghanistan who would like to, oh I don’t know, live past the average age of…. my own age. 

If I get around to it, I’ll try to fit in the phalanx of homosexuals in Canada whose demands and requirements we have not yet as a nation fully met.  But is it a question of “priorities” even?  No not honestly.  It’s a question of the nation being split over the issues.  The nation—it’s people freely thinking about and deciding these issues using their own moral compass and their emotions and their very personal conscience—rather than a bunch of Liberal conceited anointed ones and those appointed by them in the Supreme Court—it is them who will decide.  And it will take time.  And that is how it should be.

In the meantime, are those issues more important than the very economic livelihood of the nation itself?  The economy is the foundation of our standard of living—not homosexuals.  Growing Canada into the formidable, free, secure, and profound nation that it could be is what’s on my radar, and getting Canada into a position of being able to fully and proudly participate with the leading nations of the world in maintaining global freedom and life itself. 

The liberal left, the media, the anti-conservatives, are trying to hijack the election with a convenient tool dragged out in every election.  It is appealing only to those with attention deficit disorder, which, unfortunately is apparently much of Canada.  Rather than admit that the Conservatives are making sense and have solutions that would work as they have done elsewhere in the world, the left drags out the old standbys. It must be getting at least a little embarrassing for them.  And it’s no wonder Canada is leading the world in exactly nothing.

Joel Johannesen
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Joel Johannesen
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