Liberals Have No Health Care Pulse. And Their Pants Are On Fire.

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The Article

Just yesterday I wrote in my commentary [at] that an alternative for Canada’s moribund health care system is any of the 27 other countries that, like Canada, also have a universal access health system.  I said we could also learn from the Americans, which I contend has in many ways the best system in the world.

Liberals laugh that off as right-wing extremist guff (as if to prove how far out in left field they are), then trot out their official anti-American jargon as usual, and sneeringly sing their “American-Style Health Care” tutti passage in a years-long effort to deceive anyone within earshot into thinking that’s the only, (horrible!) alternative if Canadians relent and give even an inch. 


I imagine if I said “ham sandwich”, some Liberal would call me a “right-wing yank-lover eh” before realizing I was just talking about lunch.  Then they’d call me a “moron”.  The CBC news story would be: “Non-union extreme right-winger jams baloney sandwich purchased at Wal*Mart down innocent Liberal’s throat, causing Liberal to choke.”  The National Post will offer a more complete story “….and the Liberal will be flown to Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland as a result of overcrowding in Canadian hospitals.”

In my commentary I also mentioned that most countries with universal access have parallel private systems operating in concert with the public universal system. Liberals claim that Canadians are against any private involvement in the current public system.  And you’d think they’d know, what with that whole “we’re the only real Canadians with the only real Canadian party” thing.

Yet strangely, according to a survey released just yesterday, which only the Liberals would need to see, most Canadians do want a private enterprise alternative and private involvement in health care.  More than half of Canadians support a parallel private health care system that would let patients pay for speedier service.

Gee. Who’d have thought that contrary to current Canadian law, Canadians would be in favor of being allowed, by law, to have the freedom to spend their own money, on their own basic health needs and that of their families, as they see fit, like everyone else in the world except the Cubans and the North Koreans?

Stating the obvious, which apparently we sometimes have to do, Michel Kelly-Gagnon of the Montreal Economic Institute, which commissioned the poll by Leger, said “It is evidence the parties should be debating this”. 

Actually, I disagree.  We’ve been debating this file for 6 billion years. 

Anyway let’s say for sake of argument that his poll numbers are off. It still shows that there is at least solid support for the notion.  Maybe there’d be more support but for the fact that, as he said, simply talking about a private parallel system “is really, in Canadian politics, the ultimate taboo.”  The Liberals have made it so.  They deride you as “unCanadian” if you even bring it up. 

He goes on: “It [this taboo] has to be broken … If we’re going to decide as a nation not to allow for a private, parallel system, so be it, but at least let it be done in a rational, objective debate where people pull out actual arguments, and not some sort of bogeyman about the two-tier system.”

We already have a two-tier system.  The real Liberal bogeyman is private enterprise.  And if private enterprise were allowed (by law) to invest in and fix Canada’s morbid health care system like they do in every other country with universal, publicly-funded access just like Canada’s, the Liberals would be exposed as the farce that they are.  What use would there be for them?

Liberals stake their lives on their line that Americans hate their “private” health system and look to Canada for an example of a better system.  Yet the reality is this:  a “Canadian-Style Health System” is what Americans on both sides of the political aisle—Democrats and Republics—speak openly of avoiding, to protect their economic and physical health (both of which are currently pretty good, as you might have noticed).

Liberals pretend that most Americans don’t have health insurance.  But the truth is that the vast majority of Americans are insured publicly or privately.  Poor people are covered by public medical insurance through Medicaid.  Seniors are covered by public medical insurance through Medicare.  George Bush has also announced plans for a publicly-funded, privately-delivered prescription drug plan like other countries have. 

You see, other countries move ahead.  Make progress.  Not Canada.  Vote Liberal.  (As if.)

Another report was issued just today, June 2 2004, a joint study by Statistics Canada and American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, called the “Joint Canada/United States Survey of Health”.  It will also be kept under wraps by the Liberals and buried by the media. (I made comments in blue): 

  • On the whole, Americans were more likely to be “very satisfied” with their health care services, while Canadians were more likely to be “somewhat satisfied,” even when compared with insured Americans [which is 90 percent of them].
  • About 42 percent of Americans reported that the quality of their health care services in general was excellent, compared with 39 percent of Canadians. However, Canadians were more likely to report that the quality was only “fair.” These differences remained when Canadians were compared with insured Americans [which is 90 percent of them].
  • Americans were slightly more likely to report “excellent” health than Canadians. This was mainly the result of the 15 percent of Americans aged 65 and older who reported excellent health, almost twice the proportion of only 8 percent of Canadians in the same age group. [Interesting!]
  • More American women were at either end of the health status spectrum. About 25 percent of American women reported they were in excellent health, compared with 23 percent of Canadian women. Similarly, about 11 percent of American women reported fair health, as opposed to 8 percent of Canadian women. [Interesting!]
  • In the United States, public insurance is provided for the poor (Medicaid), and for those aged 65 and over (Medicare).
  • The data show that about 11 percent of Americans did not have health insurance. [It is widely known that people in both Canada and the U.S. fail to buy life, home, tenant, dental, pet, car, and other insurance even when they can afford it. In the U.S. is it widely reported that the same phenomenon applies to medical insurance—people choose not to purchase it and just “risk it”.]

Perhaps the Liberals will now start calling Stats Can an unCanadian Yank-lover.

Liberals have used anti-American sentiment and outright dishonesty about the health care issues for years.  Canadians have been suckered.

This “Canadian” Party, the Liberals, the current government, don’t even have the pulse of the nation they think they own.  They don’t even have the pulse of their own members and supporters, 54 percent of which, according to the Leger survey, are in favor of a private health care options. 

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