Jack Layton’s NDP: Position on Issues? Free Munchies For All!

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The Article

In all the hoopla and excitement surrounding the Canadian election campaign… no let me start again:  During the Canadian election campaign so far, we have candidates using the unusual tactic of announcing ways to spend our money and redistribute our wealth. In the meantime, amazingly, nobody has bothered to ask if extreme left-wing socialist New Democratic Party (NDP) leader Jack Layton is sane.  Maybe people think it would be a silly redundant question and it need not be asked.

I hope somebody asks soon because according to the polls, the NDP enjoys double-digit popularity in this country just before an election.  The provincial NDP enjoy even more popularity in British Columbia currently, less than a year before provincial elections on May 17 2005. 

One might well ask whether the voters are sane. The real election issue is voter sanity.  Half the country favors either a party that is sworn to and has already proven capable of destroying economies and scaring away all business and investment as they did in British Columbia in the 90’s; or a party involved in what is most assuredly the biggest political corruption scandal in the history of our nation.  The other half, the conservatives, are anxious to get on with the rather sane and positive notion of building Canada into the formidable nation that it could be.

Let’s look at the NDP campaign:  Jack Layton has gotten silly.  No let me start that again:  Jack Layton has gotten embarrassing.  He thought that the idea was to simply rattle off as many populist and socialist themes as possible without actually saying the word “socialist”.  Among Jack Layton and the NDP’s many effective health, economy-building, and security-enhancing ideas are these:

Jack Layton calls marijuana “a wonderful drug”, and said that he would go further than simply decriminalizing cannabis, he would legalize it with provisions for home use, cafÃ

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