Disgusting display of liberal-left politics at public institution

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The Article

Free taxpayer-funded abortions are legal and promoted by the liberal-left in Canada as a “Canadian virtue”.  The liberal-left likes to call this one of the things that make-up our “Canadian culture”.  It’s “progressive” to maintain this policy of aborting babies without any limits, and funding them by all taxpayers, in Canada.  That’s what all liberals think. 

There is absolutely no limits on abortion in Canada—they can happen at any time—even right up to the moment before natural delivery—for any reason, or even for no reason at all whatsoever other than “I just feel like it”.  There is no law.  No limit.  And all abortions are, by law, paid for by all taxpayers in Canada.  There is no limit at all whatsoever.

As the publicly-funded University of Western Ontario finishes honoring the abortion mill operator Henry Morgentaler, who is responsible for the “termination” of countless babies and is therefore among the liberal-left’s favorite sons, the news reports are starting to roll in about the protests. 

  • Globe and Mail
    (a G&M story )

    About 300 anti-abortion protesters gathered outside the University of Western Ontario Thursday, picketing the school’s decision to give controversial abortion doctor Henry Morgentaler an honorary degree.

  • Toronto Star
    (A Canadian Press story)

    About 500 protesters have gathered outside London’s Western University to protest an appearance by abortion doctor Henry Morgentaler.

  • National Post

    Same CP story as Star but massaged a little.

  • CBC covered it on Newsworld at length.  Film footage and the promise of more later.  CTV has nothing as far as I can tell. 

    I’ll add more later

    UPDATE:  Morgentaler, the abortion mill operator who is in the business of terminating human life by operating private abortion clinics within our public healthcare system which are not normally allowed in Canada but are strangely accepted in the case of abortion (it’s a Canadian “virtue” and part of our unique Canadian “culture”!), spoke lies

    “The right to abortion on request is part of the struggle for the emancipation of women. Women cannot fully participate in society and assume their full potential unless protected against the vagaries of unwanted pregnancies.

    “Women cannot be fully equal unless they have control over their reproductive functions.”

    See he’s doing it “for the women”.  Usually we hear the liberal-left liars say things are “for the kids”.  Ironic isn’t it?  In a way, abortion is for the kids.  It’s to throw them into the garbage, quite literally, but it is sort of for them I guess.  And it’s for the women who don’t otherwise “have control”.  And who didn’t know that having sex might produce babies. Didn’t know.  No control.  Emancipation.  Vagaries.  Unwanted pregnancies.  This is what it is to be a liberal.

    Joel Johannesen
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  • Joel Johannesen
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