Conservative Party HQ raided by RCMP; Liberals in tow with video cameras

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The Article

A breaking story has it that the RCMP has raided Conservative Party HQ this morning supposedly helping Elections Canada look for material related to their election spending investigation.  Apparently the Liberal Party has operatives there too—along with the RCMP—taking video shots of the event.  That, according to the state-owned CBC, who was also there, in a possible bit of redundancy. 

I kind of wonder how the Liberal Party was tipped-off as to the raid—sufficient to grab cameras and such.  Huh.

But anyway, to me, the CBC sounded rather excited and re-assured about the breaking news.  Their top politics guy (not their top crime guy), Keith Boag, was all over it.  He reminded us that the Conservatives were elected largely because they held themselves out as the party which wasn’t the party of corruption.  Tee hee. How embarrassing for them, then, huh Nancy? 

Intrepid Liberals and their Liberal-friendly media firms in Quebec and elsewhere may use their well-edited video footage to produce slick expensive campaign ads, I think.  So let’s watch for that.  We heard about some Liberal-friendly media firms after the Liberal Party AdScam Sponsorship Corruption Scandal—or what many in the liberals’ news media referred to as the “Federal sponsorship affair” or the “News out of Ottawa”—was sort of semi-revealed to Canadians in a hideous half-hearted way and then summarily dropped as a news item.  I doubt they’ll use those firms. 

I also doubt they’ll use the image logo in their ads.

EXTRA provides this helpful Conservative Party logo in their story.


The Toronto Star (using a Canadian Press report) has this bit in the middle of their story, which at best seems very odd to me:

“Reporters, camera operators, photographers and even Liberal party researchers showed up when news of the raid began to spread.”

Why include that information in their story?  I mean aside from the “Liberal party researchers” part, surely the idea of reporters (and “camera operators”, and “photographers”!) showing up “when news … began to spread” is perfectly normal, isn’t it?

So that’s very odd.

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