Blogger whacked in head by big huge rule

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I’d actually read an article about the freshly parachuted-in from New York federal Liberal candidate Chrystia Freeland and thought  —  wow  —  she’s gonna be tough to beat, since she’s oh-so impressive.  Of course I’d forgotten my own rule about the mainstream liberal media being chock full of sh*t (I said the full word in my own head just now).

What reminded me of my li’l rule was when I saw Ezra Levant’s report on her and Justin Trudeau yesterday on Sun News Network, channel 506 on my dial. Ezra yanked my own rule out of, um, someplace and whacked me over the head with it (in a good way, if there’s such a thing as a good way to whack me over the head. With my own rule.)

Here’s the report from Sun News Network:

But of course that report on Sun News Network by Ezra Levant only sets the liberals and their media’s hair on fire. Which means Ezra’s doing it right.

Ezra tweeted out this remark this morning:

That good-natured tweet was in response to this lousy sideswipe from one of the liberal media bigmouths, Paul Wells of Maclean’s. Question: can a person possibly tweet this without a sneer on their face?

Nice gratuitous and useless sneer. (By the way, why the subtweet?)

No, it’s not like Wells’ stupid tweet is “epic” like the rabid anti-conservative garbage tweets from that Hollywood “star” Alec Baldwin. But I can’t help point out that it was a particularly ironic tweet, since, at 39,000 tweets so far, the non-stop yip-yapping Paul Wells has apparently never avoided writing out his thoughts for public consumption.

Additionally, notwithstanding his own criticism of Ezra’s supposed loquaciousness, Wells couldn’t even see fit to get right to the point without that useless, time-wasting, no-information, sneering preamble. Wells actually used more of his 140-character limit sneering at Ezra Levant, than in begrudgingly pointing to Ezra’s video clip.

I’m glad Wells brought attention to the clip in the way he did, because it gave me another good reason to bring the churlish attitude of liberal media to the fore, and bring that Sun News clip to more people’s attention. I’m surprised Wells did, though, given what I think are his political proclivities. But in my next post, I explain why I think he did, and how Wells’ sneer is indicative of what is the bigger liberal media problem, which is the light of the Sun.

Read about that in my next post.


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