In case you’ve ever wondered just how huge those giant multi-million-dollar corporations known as labor unions are, in this case one of those poor, struggling teachers’ unions, and how much mega-cash they actually have to spend  —  not on “the kids” but rather on politics  —  and on political campaigns and ensuring they get their far-left party in power  —  this job posting should give you some idea about that.

Teachers Federation Pays Social Media Manager $92K

As the Canadian Taxpayers Federation blogger points out, this isn’t a job listed in their “protecting the safety of our teachers while on the job” category.  No, in this jurisdiction, there’s an election coming up.

…The position isn’t in communications—it’s listed in their “campaigns” department. It’s a one-year post, which would take it through the May 2013 provincial election—pure coincidence, of course. …

Teachers’ unions have less to do with teaching and looking out for our kids (as is their pretense) than with getting left-wing parties elected. They are in fact the rich, militant, donor wing of left-wing parties, in many cases.

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