Michael Mulcair. Sorry Moore: Sicko-phant.

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The Article

I’m quite sure if Michael Moore was back in Canada, his second most beloved country (after Cuba), he’d make a play on the socialist Frenchman and leader of the NDP, Tom Mulcair, possibly changing his name to “Tom Cares” (pace my own, much more lucid verdict in which I proclaimed him Tom Don’tCare). He’d admonish us that “It’s not Tom Mulcair, it’s Tom Cares.”

Today, in light of the US Supreme Court ruling on ObamaLies I mean Obamacare, the socialist “documentary”-maker Michael Moore, who wrote and “starred” in the pro-socialist healthcare “documentary” called Sicko, in which he shows his love for Cuban-style communist health care, tweeted this morning in adoration of his beloved (but not quite Fidel love!) Barack Obama:

“It’s not ‘Obamacare’ – it’s Obama Cares.”


On the other hand, since Obama is half black and half white, I guess you could call him grey. And he is driving a socialist agenda, which is kind of like a 50-year-old Greyhound bus which you might find in Cuba.

And aside from useful idiot, you could call Moore a pathological, incurable Sicko-phant with a preexisting condition of socialist.

Good thing that being a multi-millionaire, he can afford Obamacare. Sorry “Obama Cares.”

Joel Johannesen
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