Globe & Mail on Justin Trudeau: “Why…he’s just like Gandhi!”

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The Article

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]een on the front page of the Globe and Mail web site:

G&M - Trudeau-Gandhi-(cropped)-2015-10-07

Yeah, disambiguation be damned. The Globe and Mail reporters/editorialists, and editors responsible for this junk journalism are justinunpluggedmore than happy to dupe the readers (whom they so respect!) and have them believe theMahatma_Gandhi supposedly “uncanny” comparison they speak of is between Justin Trudeau and the famous Gandhis that we all know from grade school – Indira Gandhi (it’s not); and the even more famous and much-revered Mahatma Gandhi (wrong again). And no, it’s not even Rajiv.

Oh! Sorry! Did you think we meant Mahatma Gandhi? OOPS! 

It’s actually about the “uncanny” comparison to a virtual unknown in most of non-East-Indian Canada – a Rahul Gandhi, who’s sole claim to fame is that he is related to Indira Gandhi, and who bears no familial relation whatsoever to the one they really wanted you to think of – Mahatma Gandhi.

No, even the Globe and Trudeau isn’t so stupid as to finally flush the toilet on whatever remains of their their objectivity and compare Justin Trudeau to Mahatma Gandhi. They just want you to think that’s a valid comparison as you peruse the headlines, and yet maintain the ability to scold you with a curt “read the article!” if you complain in Twitter or Facebook or any online comment.

I am surprised they didn’t just go for that bogus comparison though. And Superman too. And the similarities between Justin and Jesus even. “Why… it’s uncanny!”

And to the extent that there is any “uncanny” similarity even to Rahul, it’s only that both Justin and Rahul are both without serious leadership credentials, and are getting traction in the media only because (A) they’re left-leaning; and (B) they have a famous (or infamous) parent.

So yeah, no, Rahul  hasn’t earned the simplified moniker “Gandhi” in any Canadian news media headline where the reader is supposed to automatically think of Rahul – rather than Mahatma. Maybe in India, but no, not even at Fraser and 49th in Vancouver.

I’d say this was a nice try, but it wasn’t even. Sycophantic garbage? Yeah, there’s most definitely an uncanny resemblance to that here.

P.S. – Some G&M readers seem to agree. Here’s an actual sampling from their comments section:

  • The comparisons and similarities between Justin Trudeau and Rahul Gandhi are at best, a stretch of Iain Marlowe’s imagination!
  • Good grief! A fascinating bit of fiction masquerading as history. Its really not even worth pointing out the errors and misinformation in this column.
  • The G&M is a disgrace
  • That was a stretch
  • Load of rubbish. Garbage journalism. Thanks for wasting my valuable time.
  • Ian that’s the worst article i have ever read on G& M.
  • What a cherry-pick piece of garbage! Truly one of the worst articles the G&M have ever published.
  • Holy smokes, this must embarrass Trudeau, maybe the Globe better do a better job and distinguishing fiction from fact.
  • “Some Similarities between Trudeau and India’s Gandhi”
    G&M continues to have problems writing headlines.
  • How desperate do you have to be to start pandering to the ethnic vote in such a clumsy way?
    Why stop at Ghandi?
    Trudeau has uncanny similarities with Mao too, I’m sure someone will find something there.
  • Wow, I have to say, as a Canadian of India origin, frankly I am insulted by this article. It is embarrassing that someone who claims to be a journalist could publish such a puff piece that is entirely baseless and complete conjecture. Awful.
  • I think this is far too constrained…he’s closer to Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Mother Theresa all mixed together with a sprinkle of Einstein thrown in for good measure….
    Insert eye roll here….
    Does he send a tingle up your leg too??
  • Your whole article from A to Z is uncanny, sir.

…and so on.

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