Liberal-leftist academia is harvesting the benefits of their years of solid liberal-leftist secular progressive indoctrination techniques, and the students are performing extremely well in California, where the extent of their liberal-leftist idiotarianism is now eclipsed only by the liberals in Canadian state schools with the able help of Canada’s state-run and other liberal media, and of course leftist and extreme leftist politicians from the liberal Party and the you’ve got to be kidding party. 

Students at Calif. College ban Pledge of Allegiance

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Student leaders at a California college have touched off a furor by banning the Pledge of Allegiance at their meetings, saying they see no reason to publicly swear loyalty to God and the U.S. government.

The move by Orange Coast College student trustees, the latest clash over patriotism and religion in American schools, has infuriated some of their classmates—prompting one young woman to loudly recite the pledge in front of the board on Wednesday night in defiance of the rule.

“America is the one thing I’m passionate about and I can’t let them take that away from me,” 18-year-old political science major Christine Zoldos told Reuters.

“The fact that they have enough power to ban one of the most valued traditions in America is just horrible,” Zoldos said, adding she would attend every board meeting to salute the flag.

The move was lead by three recently elected student trustees, who ran for office wearing revolutionary-style berets and said they do not believe in publicly swearing an oath to the American flag and government at their school. One student trustee voted against the measure, which does not apply to other student groups or campus meetings.

[…] “That (‘under God’) part is sort of offensive to me,” student trustee Jason Bell, who proposed the ban, told Reuters. “I am an atheist and a socialist, and if you know your history, you know that ‘under God’ was inserted during the McCarthy era and was directly designed to destroy my ideology.”

[…] “Loyalty ought to be something the government earns through performance, not through reciting a pledge,” he said

Unfortunately for the young educationally-challenged socialist nutbars, the irony went right over their heads, because the Pledge of Allegiance was written by a socialist Baptist Minister.  It makes me laugh, but of course not liberals, who never get the joke.

Luckily for Canada but unfortunately for Canadian liberals, “God” is a part of our Constitution.  Our Charter of Rights begins with words which read:  “Whereas Canada is founded upon the principles that recognize the supremacy of God…”.  So that’ll hold up until challenged by a liberal in our Supreme Court which with COTLER’s help will then read into those words that you see, what was actually meant by that was that, um, you see, “under God” meant put God “under” something—like a steam roller—you see. 

For now, we have an “Oath of Allegiance”, but it’s really to the Queen of Canada (no, not Svend Robinson or Scott Brison) rather than to Canada itself, and it is full of politically-correct exceptions now.  You see the problem is that like the Americans’ grand Pledge, ours invokes God.  Liberals are against that.

The Canadian Oath is:

I, ……

[fill in the blank including “Mizzzz” if you’ve chosen to deem yourself a woman]………, do Solemnly swear (affirm) that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Canada, Her Heirs and Successors according to law, forever. So help me God.

Of course the very idea of Canadians pledging an “American-style” allegiance to Canada is a concept most liberals would sooner laugh at than take seriously, which is precisely one of the problems with this country; and I have no doubt they cheer this move by the radical leftists in California as “a lesson for Bush”  —that idiotarian attitude being yet another problem for Canada.

The American Pledge of Allegiance goes like this (liberals, plug your ears):

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Oh the horrors for the socialists. 

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