It’s now officially pathological.  They’re so biased—so liberal—they don’t even know how biased—how liberal—they are anymore. 

The Vancouver Sun, in writing about the Presidential election today and Vice-Presidential picks, apparently believes—or pretends—there’s only one candidate:  The Great Obama.  They don’t even mention—no, not once—that McCain is also going to announce his running mate.  They don’t know, don’t care, don’t want you to know, don’t want you to think about anything but Obama.

…And what a fabulous if not also haYUGE full-color picture of their liberal messiah in front of that enormous American flag, huh?
The other article was about how Obama was fighting back against the—sorry while I wipe a tear—attacks levelled against him by McCain, who is—weep, sob—such a meaniepants.

Literally as I spotted that hideousness, I turned my head up at my TV and, tuned to Fox News Channel, spotted the subtle difference in news coverage style and substance.  Fox News Channel was interviewing Howard Wolfson, the Clinton communications advisor and a Fox News contributor, on the veep picks, and displayed a graphic about the veep picks to the right, showing a picture of both Obama and McCain.  They seem to “get” that whole “news” thing. 

By the way, McCain, as was reported in some news, is announcing on August 28.

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