To fall on deaf and dumb ears today:

Blair Urges Canadians to Support Troops in Afghanistan

Josh Pringle
Monday, October 16, 2006

British Prime Minister Tony Blair says waning public support of the NATO mission in Afghanistan would be a clean signal to al-Qaida that they are winning.

Blair thinks statements like that will wake up the liberal-left in Canada.  Unfortunately, Canada’s liberal-left try every single day to signal to al-Qaida that they are winning; and find new and innovative ways to undermine our national resolve to fight; and to question our own rightness in this mission.  Apparently this is all part of the official Liberal Party and the you’ve got to be kidding party policy to loath Canada and America.

Blair is urging Canadians to support their troops in Afghanistan.

Nice try Mr. Prime Minister.  Canada’s liberal left refuses to risk appearing as though they support the troops except in neat little phoney, patronizing sound bites and only when pushed and when on the defensive, because they don’t support the mission

In a speech to the Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce in London, Blair asked “If we let them win, will that make them any less likely to come after us?”

The liberal-left doesn’t care, because they don’t believe the danger is real, and if it is, it’s our fault, and we deserve what we get.

Hope that helps you to decide whose side you’re on.

Joel Johannesen
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