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Remember during the last election when those Hollywood celebrity liberals derogated conservatives and George Bush in particular?  Remember when we made a personal pledge to hit these actors in the pocketbook by not paying to watch their performances?  Let’s resolve this year to keep our pledge, however hard that may be.

Actors might play the president, a doctor or a cop on television or in a movie, but it is worthwhile to remember that they are merely performing, and entertaining us is simply their business.  Their opinions as to how a brain surgeon should perform a lobotomy or how a cop should investigate the scene of an accident is unimportant to the doctor or the cop.  Why then do we then suppose that an actor’s opinion as to how the president should do his job any better than ours?

Logic like this is what Mao Tse Tung counted on.  As far as he was concerned if the hospital janitor could practice doing a heart transplant he should become a surgeon.  Isn’t everyone equal under communism?  This was one of the underlying principles of the Chinese Cultural Revolution.  The surgeons changed places with the hospital janitors who performed operations while the surgeons were relegated to janitorial duties.  With their left-leaning credentials proudly displayed, it is no wonder the Hollywood gang thinks in terms of Chairman Mao’s principles.

These celebrities tend to gravitate to every leftwing cause which turns up on Hollywood street corners because they either have too much time on their hands or because someone is willing to pay them some attention and accommodate their egos.  Every leftwing gaggle has its own cortege of Hollywood celebrities. Celebrities crave the limelight or else they are forgotten.  A forgotten celebrity ceases to be a celebrity.  Acting as spokespersons for some leftwing advocacy group gives celebrities much needed airtime to remind us they are still among the living.  In turn they promote the organizations they represent while getting their egos massaged by adoring sycophants and fawning hangers-on.

Their overblown egos usually know no bounds.  Celebrities somehow believe they make good role models for society.  They overwhelmingly are unable to make their marriages work, cannot consume their alcohol within reasonable limits nor avoid illegal substance abuse.  Rather than being role models they offer every tabloid an endless banquet of juicy gossip for public consumption.

Actors are entertainers, not the intellectuals their exaggerated self-esteem fancies themselves being.  I am sure Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, Ben Affleck, Julia Roberts and Shirley Maclaine will disagree vehemently.  Usually they are dullards whose primary reasoning mechanism is non-functional or deeply flawed.  The ancients understood this artistes’ malady and relegated our thespian brethren to the lower orders of society.  Fortunately for celebrities, we do not live among the ancients who possessed common sense.  Neither the celebrity’s mental acumen nor their credibility is an issue which confounds leftwing organizations.  Left leaning organizations are not discerning, just need bodies dead or alive for a head count; quantity before quality.

We pay these entertainers, at least indirectly, to entertain us and not much else.  They do not owe us a fact finding trip to Iraq nor a designer arrest outing in Harlem.  What they owe us is a performance, and it better be a good one so quit yapping and start entertaining us.  When they are not entertaining they merit no credits in our wallets.  While their opinions were inconsequential to our being, their vitriolic disparagement of our values and beliefs were offensive.  Rather than find their mindless prattling entertaining, we thought they were rather aggravating. 

This does not mean that all entertainers have let their brains fall out of their craniums.  There are a still a few rationalists in Hollywood.  Notice those actors who are more rational tend to be Republicans rather than Democrats?  Denzel Washington, Tom Selleck, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mel Gibson come to mind.  Ever watched them interviewed by the likes of Katie Couric or Rosie O’Donnell?  Indeed, their putting to shame the liberal feel-good-do-nothing approach was a marvelous exercise in logic to watch.

This summer let’s make a point to check the staring credits before visiting the cinema.  If one of the stars irritated us with their left-leaning political pronouncements during the 2004 election, let’s resolve not to spend our money on their movie.  If we really did want to see it, we can wait until a lefty friend buys the DVD and then borrow it.  It costs nothing while visiting the movies is at least a $30 affair.  Let these celebrities know that we do not appreciate their views or beliefs.

Let them know that when they ridiculed those who spoke our minds, they really ridiculed us.  Let them know that when they belittled those who shared our beliefs, they really belittled us.  Let them know that when they humiliated those who defended our values they really humiliated us.

It’s payback time and revenge is always sweet.

Peter Gnanapragasam
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