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The Article

I can’t find anything that doesn’t just bore me, today.  I mean I haven’t given up yet, but really.  Somebody needs to say something stupid or something.  Where’s Ignatieff today?  Where’s that Libby Davies?  Isn’t Suhana Meharchand anchoring the state media “news” today?  WTF?

I was dying for the crackerjack media in Canada to beckon forth their man Layton (they call him Jack), or his life partner Chow (they call him Jack), to ask one or both of them about their man Hugo Chavez (they could call him Jack), and his latest moves, reported today.  I know I would send out some of my reporters if I were in charge.  It would make for some fun reading or video! 

As we know, he (both Jack and Hugo —can we call ‘em “Hacko”?) wants to transform Venezuela into a socialist heaven and, I think, the you’ve got to be kidding party’s model for Canada, by imposing further controls on the private banks, there.  Layton and the you’ve got to be kidding party are so enamored by government regulation on banks and, well, all businesses, that they (I mean Layton, Chow, and their you’ve got to be kidding party faithful) MUST be watching this closely.  They love government regulation and rules and dictates and control and authority on banks and businesses.  Pot?  Prostitution?  Unions?  Not so much.  Banks?  Nail their asses, baby!  They’re the real problem in this country! 

Yet the media is sleeping.  Why don’t they call Jack and ask him or her?  They’re covering far dumber things than the story of Chavez. 

So, yawn. 

Hey didjaknow… that all of the increasing regulation and control and government policies and the myriad dictums as constantly set forth by progressive governments like Chavez’s —are the new socialism/communism?  It’s true!  It could also be called fascism.  The Obama administration’s loading-up and piling-on of government rules and regs and oversight and control and taxation and…. those kind of things are all good examples of progressives and their neo-socialist ideology working to effectively take over or “nationalize” banks and businesses.  They don’t want to overtly “take them over” (even Chavez says that) because that overtly socialist/communist dictum has really fallen out of popular favor.  The progressives have all come to realize there’s simply no defending it — even within the paradigm of the CBC’s on-air news “analysts” like their usual team of far-leftists (one’s further left than the other to provide Canadians with “balance”!), Rachel Sklar and Jeffrey Feldman.  So they just speak in terms of regulations and policies and laws and rules and such, and effectively assert total or near total (here’s another word which can be conflated with socialists or progressives: totalitarian) control over the businesses they seek to run, for their own social engineering, or economic, or political, or even personal purposes. 

We see how the word “liberal” or “socialist” has been replaced by “progressive”.  You hear Ignatieff speaking of “progressive” all the time.  And by “progressive” he of course means that in the political sense.  Yet at the same time, if you go to the Communist Party web site or the Socialist party or Layton/Chow’s you’ve got to be kidding party, they all use the same word “progressive” in exactly the same way.  I’ve written about this beforeReally.

So the “new way” is to put them (banks, or any businesses) under so much government control and regulation and sheepleoversight and direction that they de facto run them.  jackalThey might just as well own them, therefore, and they soon will, as people (sheeple, really, but it’s better than being one o

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