Gerry Nicholls, whose name most of you already know as that of the front man for the National Citizens Coalition, has a few things to say about the CBC which he says in our language: notliberal.  It’s a great Op/Ed which appeared, to my surprise, in the Vancouver Sun, and chances are it will appear in other Canwest Global papers as well. 

Gerry told me he’ll send us other columns too, as he dreams them up.

Here’s a snippet of “Privatized CBC could make new Friends — “stockholders’”—read the whole thing in our Columnist section.

[…] As near as I can figure it out from first-hand observation, the CBC’s mandate seems to be this: “We will seek whenever possible to present Canada’s left-wing elitists with a picture of the world not as it is, but as they imagine it to be.”

In other words, the CBC designs its programming to reassure Canada’s chattering classes that Americans are indeed imperialistic and war-mongering, that corporations are greedy and evil, that western Canadians are gun-toting reactionaries, and that Conservative party leader Stephen Harper is, in fact, the anti-Christ.

Some, of course, call this sort of programming strategy evidence of “CBC bias” or “socialist propaganda,” but to those with the proper ideological viewpoint, it’s called “protecting Canadian culture.” […]

[… Read the whole thing (2 minutes max) in our Columnist section …]

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