Rudy Giuliani in Surrey BC: even in the most ‘liberal’ US cities, gov’ts don’t give heroin to users

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Hey!  That ain’t liberal!


Rudy Giuliani speaking in Surrey today must have shocked Canadian liberals out of their gourds —first, because he is a Republican ; and was allowed into Canada; and he got all the way into the town hall in Surrey without getting a pie thrown at him or being spit upon by the “tolerant ones”; and he’s publicly supporting Sarah Palin and John McCain.  And he said something good about capitalism!  In Canada!  No really!  That marked the first time that has been said in Canada in memory.

But also because he actually said publicly that the liberal-left’s beloved heroin injection sites (and drug-taking mainstreaming and government reliance and enlargement —and “early learning” —wink!— program) like Vansterdam’s “Insite”, are not the answer to drug problems and the associated crime. 

And then he got out again, alive!  I just might bring Ann Coulter in to Surrey for a public talk!  (Send money!)

Giuliani: Fighting crime, stimulating the economy, slamming ‘Insite’

Thursday, September 18 – 12:45:00 PM
Shane Bigham

SURREY (NEWS1130) – It worked in the Big Apple…can it work in Surrey? Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani spoke this morning at the Surrey Regional Economic Summit, focusing on his principles on fighting crime and stimulating the economy.

But Giuliani also took the time to criticize Vancouver’s supervised injection site ‘Insite’, saying that giving heroin to drug users as part of a government policy is a mistake. He says even in the most ‘liberal’ cities in the United States, government agencies don’t give heroin to drug users.


Giuliani is best known for his efforts in New York during the 9-11 attacks. But his legacy in New York also includes a social and economic turnaround of America’s largest city in the 1990’s.

His talk on fighting crime and using tax cuts to stimulate a sagging economy went over well with the mostly business crowd. He also talked about the coordinated effort it took to accomplish the city’s revival. Giuliani says his tough anti-drug program in New York in the 1990’s helped reduce crime by as much as 60% in seven years.

Surrey Mayor Diane Watts indicated she was also against any such thing in her city, but couched her reasoning in the fact that Surrey isn’t like Vancouver. 

But back to Giuliani:  He also said, today, this PTBC Quote of the Week Award-Winning sentence (see?  It’s easy to win!  Just say the right things!):

PTBCwares C2007



  “Be competitive. 
Capitalism is a job-producer.”

—Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani
today… to a bunch o’ Canadians! 




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