QUESTION NOTHING. That’s how we got here.

Wondering how we got to a place where a Bernie Sanders or an Elizabeth Warren or an Alexandria Ocasio Cortez; or in Canada, any member of the NDP or Liberal Party, could seriously propose what are inarguably socialist or arguably communist proposals for America or Canada? It’s because along the way, the people who should have been questioning it (aside from us personally) — the news media and reporters and anchors who put these ideas on a national pedestal — didn’t question the ideas or the people presenting them. I see it time and again. They give these leftists all the airtime they desire, and let ‘er rip, thereby, often, tacitly endorsing the ideologies.

Conservative politicians they question. Incessantly. Thoroughly. In picayune detail.

You only had to watch the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate debates this week to see a good example of media letting leftist politicians say things without ever questioning them.

It reminded me of an article with a video I posted back in 2007 (!). I used to make videos! Want me to again? Send money. (Don’t question THIS of all things.)

It’s amazing how idiotic politicians can sound when they’re asked to answer for their idiocy. It’s rare that they’re asked at all, in the case of media brethren NDP and Liberal politicians. But here’s a recent doozy:

You’d think reporters would have taken a hint from this one: when you ask that buffoon questions about his policies, he may prove to be… a buffoon. But no. They learn nothing except to avoid asking him questions in order to preserve his polling numbers. It’s a real problem.

So I still say question everything. You should too. Question reporters. I’ll help.

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