I’m not sure why the liberal media doesn’t question people like Olivia Chow (whom, in this case, they didn’t even see fit to inform us was an M.P. with the far-left socialist N.D.P. —or even simply “the N.D.P.”), when she says things that sound, well, EXACTLY like things a communist would say.

Is it because like me they’re shocked out of their gourd and perhaps slightly bemused (if not also slightly freaked out of our gourd)?  I’d like to think so.  Or is it because they’re simply Fabian socialists themselves, and they’d just as soon we get used to hearing things like this to further their effort to drag this country even further to the far left?  I don’t know.  It’s too bad I have to wonder.

Like Ujjal Dosanjh and several others in the Liberal Party or Layton’s (and “life-partner” Chow’s!) you’ve got to be kidding party, Olivia Chow sounds very much like a communist to me.  I think realistic people who are awake and not high on pot would agree.

So of course I made a video flick from a CTV Newsnet report from this morning and edited my commentary into it.  Most of you won’t need any of my commentary, but as always I include it to hopefully help liberals and other leftists see.

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