President of the United States informs Americans that non-supporters are getting “all wee-weed up”

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The Article

imageThe “ever so intelligent”, the “great speaker”, the fabulous “communicator”, the “beyond politics” and so, so, mature President Obama, clearly getting peed-off that his polling numbers and national support for his thousand-page “health care” gobbledygook are going down the toilet, proclaimed last night in another off-teleprompter remark, that his critics are getting “all wee-weed up” over health care. 

According to the Farlex Free Dictionary, “wee-wee” may refer to either a penis, or urine:

Wee or Wee-wee may refer to:

  * Wee, the Scottish word for small, also used in Ireland
  * Wee, a slang term for urine or urination in the following places: United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and the United States
  * “Wee-wee”, another slang term for urine and urination in the United Kingdom, especially among toddlers.
  * Wee-wee, a term for penis in the United States and Canada

  * Wee (cell cycle)

Of course given his proclivity (and that of his Democratic colleagues) for calling their opponents names (Nazis, brownshirts, agitators, mobs, stooges of the giant corporations, paid protesters, liars, and (by implication) uninformed stupid people, mislead sycophants, etc) and insulting imageplain Americans who happen to oppose his radical left plans (which is more than half the country), and he was speaking to a “town hall” forum stuffed chock-a-block full of his own supporters, perhaps they understood what he meant.  That people who don’t agree with him are dinks, or are nothing better than human waste.

Obama “the uniter”.  The “reach across the aisle” and “bring America together again” savior.  The man who is so smart that he can’t even expain his most pivotal concept to Americans with any degree of clarity in a thousand pages of nonsense. 



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