“Peace Rally”. Right. Actually, Left.

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The Article

Wartime protest marches and rallies since 9/11 always try to put on a nice bright happy face to appear “legitimate” to the masses and attract the attendance of those who have tons of free time, no deodorant, tattoos, facial and scrotum piercings, hairy armpits (on the womyn), and ugly clothes; and of course to appear to be “on the level” with the insanely unlevel, unbalanced liberal media (who also have hairy armpits and sundry piercings in a variety of orifices).

The organizers and those fabulous protest sign-makers apparently claim a monopoly on the word “PEACE”, as if those of us who want to face reality and fight for that same peace on their ungrateful behalf —aren’t for peace, somehow. 

They pit themselves against us in that way (and in most every other way they can think of).  We on the conservative side are called “warmongers” by default, and often “killers”, “war criminals”, “murderers”, and more strangely, “Nazis”; just as those who are for traditional marriage are called “homophobes” by many of these exact same people; and those among us who are pro-life are called the most egregious thing of all to liberal-left fundamentalists: “Christians”.  Even if you’re a Buddhist.

In actual fact, most any such “peace” rally is an enormous exercise in shrieking liberal-left fundamentalist political dogma.  Each one has at least one state-run CBC camera dogging every step, in juxtaposition to any conservative gathering of any kind.  In fact it could be argued that they’re not really about “peace” at all, they’re all about far-leftist political PR.  To say otherwise is to be annoyingly disingenuous.  Of course that’s what they all are.  Annoying disingenuous. 

Sure, some of those involved are legitimately for “peace”, and many are honest and lovely people however naive or blinkered they are in their world views.  Citizens in this country are free to do this sort of thing here with all of our blessings, thanks to victories in hard-fought violent wars —fought by people who at the time and even now thought and think not unlike me —which protected and continues to protect the necessary rights and freedoms for those leftist peacenicks and pacifists to tie-up traffic and wear Che Guevara T-shirts in public.  The irony seems entirely lost on them, but then liberals never get the joke, especially when it is them. 

Many however are outright communists and extreme leftists and sympathizers with virulent anti-American, anti-Israel, anti-Jewish sentiment and often much worse.  Or to put it as liberals do, “they’re not racists who think they belong to a superior race or human subspecies, they’re just different from us and we must tolerate them because, well, you’re stupid!”  And then they change the subject.

You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that despite all the (pretend) good intentions, a thing like this can go very wrong, very quickly.  Some of the sponsors of the August Montreal “peace” rally attended by liberal-left politicians were communists (like the communist Marxist Leninist Party of Quebec), and most of the rest were (choose from the usual menu) Islamic/Muslim advocacy groups, and groups against Israel, America, political conservatism as a general matter, whether they explicitly admit it and say so or not. They care about “peace” just a little less than getting a piece of “pizza” from Pizza Hut, the windows of which they may well have smashed as they marched past for peace (it’s American!). 

Grade school-level history shows that extremist elements ALWAYS attend these things, invited or not, as a matter of course.  That’s what they do.  That’s all they do.  Every time.  Every, single, solitary, time. They talk about it on their American-made cell-phones and Blackberries invented by capitalist free-market Canadians.  If you’re a politician and you don’t know this, then it may be time to wake up and smell the hippies.  It’s easy.  They’re the ones who stink. 

These left-wing or terrorist-siding asses blend in and join sides as best they can with the more “moderate” (though no less wrongheaded) liberal-left fundamentalists and shrieking pacifists who most often welcome them with open arms and a hug.  Of course they constantly hug trees so that’s no standard to judge them by.  Sometimes they blend in and sometimes they cause total havoc and chaos, on purpose of course.  Everyone there acts like it’s the first time it’s ever happened. The news media reports that “right-wing extremists” “infiltrated” the otherwise “peaceful rally” and stirred things up. 

And thus like in most every case that I’ve ever explored, this Montreal “peace” rally turned out exactly as expected insofar as there being virulently (pick from the menu again) anti-American, anti-Israel, anti-Jewish, anti-Bush, anti-Harper, anti-Christian, anti-anything that isn’t extreme leftist, Palestinian (only)-sympathizing, even Islamofascist terrorist-sympathizing, or worse, in attendance.  Those who didn’t take a stand with one of the aforementioned groups were the genius peacenicks or pacifists who would by definition just as soon be taken over by the communists or fascists among them, than fight a war against them, thus ending their protest days forever (except for the “death to America” ones).   

It’s one thing for common citizens to attend such rallies.  People stick jewellery in their nipples and tongues and abort their babies and do other insane things every day.  But for serious mainstream Canadian politicians who have half a brain (they’re all conservatives), there’s more than enough information to enable them to conclude that avoiding such potentially acidic rallies is in the best interest of all the anti-terror, freedom and democracy-loving folks among us.  You know, us Canadians. 

Apparently it’s a real conundrum for some though, even if it’s a no-brainer for the smart set.  If they are truly naive or dumb and they suddenly find themselves mysteriously “there” at such a rally amongst those elements, then leaving—in a markedly visible, loud, vigorous manner—is the next thing to do, as those of us in the quick-thinking set already know.  That turns a negative into something of a positive and provides as precisely as possible the right statement and optics for those earnest-folk attending and the media—and to the terrorists who would otherwise use it as another endorsement and for fodder back home in Toronto and wherever else terrorists and their sympathizers reside. 

One doesn’t want to risk associating—in any way—with anti-Americans, surely, nor anti-Israelis, as a serious politician, right?  I could be wrong, here.

But as I said, the risk that extremist groups would attend this event or any event such as this was hideously obvious.  I’m only surprised their numbers were as limited as they were. 

So I would normally brush this off and simply say that any self-respecting politician who participates in such rallies are naive beyond the pale, and invite the harshest criticism possible for that reason alone.  That criticism is exactly what they got from many, and I hope it continues.  We’re called “racists” and “idiots” and “America-lovers” and “big fat meaniepants” for doing that. 

In reality, though, those wily liberal-left fundamentalist politicians are very smart.  They’re very experienced, and are surrounded by experienced people (often paid for, as the politicians themselves are, by all us taxpayers) who have excellent street-sense and people who can inform them of everything they need to know before forming an executive decision as to whether to attend a thing like this, or not to.  If they have any trouble in the future with this, they can run it by me for free, or simply wake up. 

But no, they aren’t as naive as I’ve suggested they would have to be otherwise.  And we aren’t naive.  They knew precisely what they were doing, and what to expect.  And so did we.  Of course among their mistakes is underestimating our intelligence, as all liberals routinely do.

Just as the word “gay” and “Canadian family” and “marriage” has been usurped and redefined by the left, “peace rally” has been.  And we all know it.

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