Omar Khadr Obsession Theater: Khadr’s sitting in a big huge comfy chair…

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The Article

The left had hoped that the opening scene would be Khadr chained to some funky torture contraption being whipped and “water-boarded” by Dick Cheney wearing a Halliburton t-shirt with Bush and Rumsfeld and Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh laughing like jackals in the background…

Alas, Omar Khadr, the enemy charged as a killer of a member of our allied team, and an al-Qaeda trained member of the infamous al-Qaeda-connected quasi-Canadian Khadr family, is seen sitting in a big huge comfy chair in the prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where they question



The video footage released today by CSIS was touted for the past week by the left as potential smoking gun material which would finally prove that the “Canadian” terrorist was “tortured”.

Bear in mind that “torture” to liberals and the left is, say, going to church, being yelled at, sleep deprivation, not having any Ritz crackers when you’re having tomato soup for supper, and being imprisoned by accommodating Americans rather than being shot on the battlefield for being a terrorist caught fighting American forces.

“Relax, have a bite to eat”, the CSIS official says to Khadr as he sobs.

“My shoulder hurts!”  Khadr complains. “You don’t care about me!” he whines.

“Yes I do!” the CSIS questioner assures him, at least twice, in the most grandfatherly way.

“Nobody cares about me!” he repeats.

“Take a few minutes, relax a bit,” the CSIS man tells him again.

“Boo hoo hoo,” Khadr repeats incessantly. 

Unless the remaining three and a half hours contains some yelling, I’m going to demand a refund. 

Afterward, in the ridiculous CBC expert team analysis of the footage, we’re told that of course there’s a lot we DON’T see!  Well darn the luck.

The CBC Newsworld anchor Andrew Nichols, playing the role of Michael Moore, instructs Canadians:  “It’s hard to watch a 16-year old boy in a mess like that crying and afraid, without being moved.  No matter what you think about the circumstances…”

Well no, not really. It’s not really hard to watch what I watched.  And given what he’s charged with and where he was and what he was doing when captured, I can’t stop thinking he’s lucky to be alive at all.  What’s hard is thinking about that brave U.S. serviceman who was blown to smithereens by a barbarian terrorist bent on destroying the West.  Maybe tender young Andrew Nichols is watching a different channel.  I wouldn’t blame him. 

Then of course they trot out the socialists who are experts at everything:  “Bare Ass” Bob Rae from the Liberal Party has the balls to stand there in front of CBC cameras and proclaim that Khadr should be sprung from Guantanamo and brought home, ostensibly for some rehab such that he might be reintroduced into society again (notwithstanding the Liberal government position which was to do nothing of the sort); and an MP from the you’ve got to be kidding party who explains that this is all so very horrible (as everything in Canada and the United States is).  Liberals don’t think anyone should ever be imprisoned for anything, but there’s nothing worse than a guy charged by Americans being held by Americans for killing an American soldier.  That’s the axis of evil for liberals in Canada. 

Maybe Jack Layton should go and engage the enemy with a nice chat, as he is wont to do, over tea and buns.  I’m sure President Bush will be free sometime between now and election day. 

We’re promised that later, more interest groups are going to hold news conferences.  None are interested in America winning the war on Islamist terror. 

Naturally the correct position is to leave him there to face the military tribunal. This isn’t another criminal justice matter.  This is war. 

I don’t know whose side the CBC, the Liberals, or the NDP are on.  I’m on our side.

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