CTV_staff_writer-2[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ou can spot a “news” article written by a union hack journalist (in this case, a fella named “CTVnews.ca Staff” – I kid you not) who works in a systemically liberal media outlet, a mile away.

First, if it’s a negative story about a “company,” the “company” involved (and yeah go ahead and note the scare quotes I’m using around these words) is never revealed to actually be state-owned, even when it is. The “company” in the story in question is glibly cast as just another corporation, in any otherwise free country. And if on top of that, the story is about the conduct of its employees, there is never any mention of the employees’ union status, or the name of the union if they are unionized; and the company is put on the spot to respond to the employees’ bad work habits, but the union is not. There is simply no union angle, at all.

CTV_reports_on_nondescript_company_and_its_employees-smToday’s example is from Liberalvision, or what you might still call the CTV because you haven’t figured out yet that they’re liberals advancing the liberal cause using the pretence of TV “news” and “entertainment.” It’s a story about a bunch of terrible lazy-ass workers, (not) working for a huge courier company, Purolator, caught on video brazenly and carelessly tossing potentially delicate packages into a delivery truck, without even the slightest care or concern for the packages at all, which is of course their only job. And it’s a simple job.

Or at least that’s all that Liberalvision decided to tell you, leaving out some information which I thought was really pertinent, although it could just be that I’m on to them.

More on that in a minute.

This kind of media perfidy always reminds me of two of my favorite stories about how the liberal media convolves and obfuscates, and how the only explanation for this behavior is that they are seeking to advance their left-wing, or politically progressive agenda. As I’ve pointed out in a couple of my favorite stories, it is working. They are succeeding. Read these two faves:

Back to Liberalvision’s story today – and here’s something you might not even know, because the liberal media have all done such a “good” job over the years: Purolator is essentially state-owned. It is not a privately-owned company competing in the free marketplace like any normal company would do in a free, non-communist country. It is 91% owned by the state-owned, state-run behemoth, Canada Post, also known as the state.

Oh what’s that?  You didn’t know Purolator was owned by the state-owned Canada Post? Well then it’s all working perfectly and according to their plan.

This state-owned company is another striking example of the state competing against its own citizens (and somehow surviving, whatever the quality of their work). And speaking of striking, the Purolator-state-ownedworkers are members of the giant Teamsters Union, which was also not mentioned in the story. Are you like me? Were you led to believe that one of the “plusses” of unions is that we are assured of a higher quality of worker on account of their higher pay and Cadillac pension plans? Yeah, then you too were misled. You got the wrong parcel. The wrong information. (Hey did you catch the article Purolator driver disciplined after hurling insults, trash at candidate’s team in the Toronto Star? Yeah, they didn’t mention anything about unions, or Purolator being state-owned, either.)

The point, here, is that these things aren’t mentioned because the liberals in the media don’t want you to know. They purposely un-inform you. They literally withhold delivery. Fail to deliver. They’ve got to report the news, but they try their damndest to ensure that you don’t associate fundamental business or worker failures with either state-owned “companies,” or with unions.

Progressives, unlike conservatives, don’t want to denigrate state-owned anything. Or any labor unions. State-owned is good news, to these people. Big labor unions are good news, to these people. And so it will be reported only as good, and taught only as good, in schools. State-ownership/control and all those yummy socialism-promoting unions are two important component pieces of the progressive movement.

It does matter that Purolator is state-owned. And when it’s a story about the employees, it does matter that the workers are members of Big Union. And it matters that we’re informed of these facts so that we can someday make informed decisions, rather than continually making uninformed decisions. The “news” media – and their decision to not carefully deliver the information to us – just speaks to their ongoing perfidy. Like Purolator and its lousy union workers in the CTV story, they are doing a lousy job of delivering the news. Hopefully you’re not “BREAKABLE,” because these journalists are members of Big Union too – just like the Purolator workers.

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