Must read: Charles Krauthammer, after reading our columnists

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The Article

I sound like Joel McCarthy half the time—I know that, I happily admit it.  (I’m in the near-empty camp that believes McCarthy was a hero more than a villain.)  But our columnist Steve Milloy almost sounds like me today as he rightly points to the brilliant Charles image - Steve MilloyKrauthammer and his recent Washington Post column on the “man-made global warming” and what I’ve often described as the political science behind it. 

So it’s a two-fer.  Read both.

• Steve Milloy’s column Time to Retire ‘Denier’

• Charles Krauthammer’s “Carbon Chastity” at the Washington Post

Here’s a snippet of Steve Milloy’s today:

In Charles Krauthammer’s May 30 must-read column, “Carbon Chastity,” he rightly lambastes environmentalists as resurrected communists/socialists who have latched on to the environment and climate change as a means to advance their anti-people social agenda.

image And speaking of people who rightly respect the work of Joe McCarthy (and possibly even “Joel McCarthy”), don’t forget our weekly Ann Coulter column too.  I know you won’t because the Obama won! Obamagasm lingers in the liberals’ media, and this one’s entitled “Obama Was Selected, Not Elected”.

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