Liberal gov, media, misinform on “assault rifles” — again

No gun owners or those who have a clue, say this. Manifestly because it’s wrong. Unfactual. A lie. Misinformation. Yet here it is in the ever-so trusty news — what the government dreams of mandating and licensing as a source of facts and truth and goodness and federal taxpayer sponsorship, the Globe and Mail, working together with the Liberals, your government:

“Assault weapons refer to firearms that are designed for rapid fire and can shoot large amounts of ammunition.”

The government uses the term “assault weapons” wrongly, and then the media, as in this case, dutifully repeats the misinformation — the lie — for them. They all know they’re wrong. The all know what they’re doing. Therefore, it is not misspeaking, nor mistyping, it’s propaganda. It’s not merely bias, either. Bias is merely having a viewpoint that is skewed one way. Repeating misinformation over and over is telling or training your audience — your citizens — what or how to think, is propaganda. It’s an agenda. And so it’s massively wrong, on multiple levels.

Vote liberal or left. Read only the establishment media. Get more of this.

More actual facts on this:


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