Taxpayer beneficiary and left-wing news media union boss attacks Conservative candidate

When your union members (unbiased! Non-partisan! Objective!) are about to be direct beneficiaries of hundreds of millions of Canadians’ tax dollars, including mine and Erin O’Toole’s — a policy which is manifestly under an incredibly contentious and an arguably immoral and certainly undemocratic Trudeau government cloud; and right after your news media sugar-daddy lost the popular vote in an election that reduced it to a sad minority, maybe don’t be such an arrogant and totally partisan left-wing hack. It’s our damn money, dude. And Canada isn’t just another socialist one-party dictatorship. Sorry you don’t accept that. Sorry for your members, mostly.

And he holds himself out to be a negotiator? For an unbiased, non-partisan, objective press? One which will cover Erin O’Toole and the other candidates in the leadership race? Hideous.

The arrogance. The stupidity. Where’s the news media on this crap? Alas, I’m obviously just kidding.

Joel Johannesen
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