I’ve been doing this for a few years now—bringing to your attention the stores and liberal-dominated government agencies who seem to be making a progressive, incremental effort to take the Christmas out of Christmas, by, for example, changing the name of this traditional, time-honored, sacred, government-sanctioned national holiday to the likes of “seasonal festiveness oh happytime of joy and holiday happy-tree jingle fun”, or at least anything but “Christmas”, which is what it is by the official law of our land and by way of our most foundational roots and our heritage. 

It’s liberals and the their secular-progressive politically-correct minions who are responsible for this, in their effort to take all Christianity out of Canada and won’t be happy until they make everything on earth totally Godless. 

Most of us have already received one of the first salvos of this secular progressive liberal Godlessness by way of Canada Post, who just spent a gazillion taxpayer dollars to send out a booklet replete with nothing. 

Shown here: a “joy” present which, if you’re careful, will arrive and be set under the happy-tree of light and festivity in time for “the season”!

Look inside, and you’ll be informed as to how to send “joy”—not Christmas presents, although the pictures look suspiciously like Christmas presents (not “Kwanzaa” presents or traditional Muslim offerings).  And if you follow their booklet’s powerful message, you’ll get your “joy” there in time for “the season”.  That’s liberal-leftist code for “Christmas”. 

I’ve never see so much use of the word “joy”:  “Imagine the joy”, “Add joy”, Send joy”, “Receive joy”, “Holiday joy”, and finally “Joy—you’ll find it in the mail”. 

One time they called Christmas presents “a festive surprise wrapped in the excitement of the holidays…

And of course the whole point is:  “To send your gifts and greetings in time for the 2006 holiday season, use this … chart”.  (And the chart suspiciously shows how you get all your “joys” delivered by one particular date:  December 25th —just another day of seasonal happy-joy!  It’s a Monday this year, ya know!)

And then they did the whole thing in French of course.

Not once in the entire production did they use the word “Christmas”.  This is not an accident of course.  This is on purpose.  And what purpose does this serve?  I already told you. 

They had to have tried awfully hard to not use the word “Christmas” in their “Christmas” brochure. 

Anyway, I’ll be adding our annual list (called “Christmas Shame and Fame”) of stores and government agencies that refuse to use the word “Christmas” and those that do honor our nation’s traditions properly, and inserting it in the column at right, soon.  So please gather those brochures, be observant as you shop and watch TV, and let me know about the goodies and the baddies by email to ItsAQuestion (at) ProudToBeCanadian.ca.  I’ll add them to our annual list of Christmas shame and fame.

Joel Johannesen
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