I’m on semi vacation

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Vacation for me and my wife doesn’t mean going to exotic places like those extremely highly-paid employees of the various government “enterprises” (“enterprises”… dear God) and what they call “corporations” (ugh) like CBC and BC’s state-run and state-owned socialist car insurance (with optional “Autoplan” towing package which sounds like a Soviet towing package) “corporate” outfit… do. 

image PTBC reader Maureen sent me an email this morning with the subject “nice work if you can get it”, about an Insurance “Corporation” of BC employee who got paid $189,510 per year by them, but was found by them to allegdly be part of an elaborate insider scam that had been going on there (what? you didn’t hear about it?  huh), which was allegedly ripping-off us, the lowly citizenry, by selling written-off cars back to us, the lowly citizenry.  (Don’t worry, the “President” of the “corporation” apologized.  Case closed.  Science settled.  Debate: over…) 

The employee was “dismissed” with an 18-month salary continuation as a severance package.  Personally, I would have kicked him in his “package” as he left the building with bupkis.

But he’s suing now of course, in the liberals’ law courts division (it’s ours too I guess!), to get what he was previously promised—a “significant bonus”—for doing such great work prior to his actual dismissal for ripping us off with the other members of his/our government car insurance “corporation” team.  I guess he’s still getting paid by them/us as part of his 18-month “package”, while he sues them/us in their/our courts.  Maybe he’ll have time for a li’l vacation.  Maybe to Cuba.

No, vacation for us means fixing the fence, and taking the time to go south of the border to buy gas for our car because as a result of lower taxes there, it’s much cheaper, and that will help pay for fixing our fence.  I’m also going to pick up an Ann Coulter poster that someone sent to my U.S. mail address.  I hope the border guard doesn’t remember me from my excursion to pick up my Ann Coulter talking doll that was sent to my U.S. mail address last year. He might think I’m a freedom lover or a private-enterprise lover or something, and nail me for some more funky taxes, which would make fixing our fence even harder. 

Anyway keep checking here, as I will post a little during our “vacation”, and of course I’ll keep the columnists coming.  Feel free to comment wherever you want. 

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