image  What’s the headline about the $35M to new cardiovascular research centre doing in the “POLITICS” section at  Is the CTV trying to tell us something?  Is the editor and staff simply so absorbed by anti-conservative sentiment that they reflexively deem—unwittingly or not—all announcements that might cast Conservatives in a good light or possibly boost Conservative fortunes as “political”? 

Also on their “POLITICS” page:  more CTV politics… of a different kind.  In one article, apes the Vancouver Sun and nearly all the liberal media, and fawns over Obama at the expense of McCain, betraying their fanatical interest in one candidate over the other.  “Obama VP announcement expected in coming days”.  Forgetting the headline itself, which says everything we need to know already, of the 20 paragraphs in the article, two paragraphs briefly mention, as an aside, that the other presidential candidate, Republican John McCain, is also picking a Vice-Presidential candidate.  (Who knew?!)  After scarcely mentioning it, they immediately go back to Obama and his possible veep picks for another 10 paragraphs. 


Can’t help notice that when the ridiculous, miserable little Liberal Jean Chretien launched into a gratuitous, divisive, insane attack on our own country’s Prime Minister earlier this week for not attending the Olympics opening ceremonies, it was not described as an “attack” (nor gratuitous, divisive, insane, or “like a nutbar”).  When a Conservative responds to that insanity, it’s dubbed an “attack” on Chretien, in the “apolitical” CTV headline.

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